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    By Holmeftravel on 01 Jul `15, 2:09AM in Chit Chat
    Jb area to Singapore-single trip Singapore to jb area round trip Singapore to Malaysia Peninsula- Melaka-single trip:              round trip:             multi-day trip K.L/Genting-single trip  ...
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    By Mugen Benoit4real on 30 Jun `15, 10:16PM in Jobs and Employments
    Hi, could anyone recommend what kind of slow pace job can I find? I have been working as a packer in a warehouse and my boss and superior are annoyed of my slow and absent minded behavior during the job. My boss told me that he would advise me to resign otherwise he had no choice but ...
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    By SJS6638 on 30 Jun `15, 10:02PM in SG: Life in a dot
    http://www.smh.com.au/world/aussie-50-bbqs-causes-singapore-spat-with-controversial-ticketing-system-20150630-gi0ytk Aussie '50 BBQs' event causes Singapore spat with controversial ticketing system Date June 30, 2015 - 10:11AM 181 reading now Read later Kate Aubusson ...