04 Oct, 07:03PM in sunny Singapore!
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    By Asrun on 04 Oct `15, 5:43PM in Aunt Agony
    Hi i am in sec 1 and i am in choir.I enjoy singing but my conductor is so fierce! Everytime i sang wrongly or sing the wrong note he would be very impatient and start to scream or scold. He is hot tempered. 😔 I am so scared. Such a small mistake also want to scold. Only when i have a ...
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    By singfail on 04 Oct `15, 2:58PM in ~ Buddhism: Wisdom Bliss ~
    This is one Sunday when a faceless gur appears out of anywhere via a social platform saying she wants to suck my 'rooster' and drink my seminal fluid - wanted to tell her that there are possibly higher and / or better practices such as marriage, copulation and fertilisation that we ma...
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    By singfail on 04 Oct `15, 3:34AM in ~ Buddhism: Wisdom Bliss ~
    Sadhu sadhu sadhu, thank the good Lord I have the entire flat to myself tonight, thank You for the breath, thank You for the stress that preceeded the breaths that can finally nourish this body and this mind. May one and all regard the preciousness of this breath, these breaths, and a...