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    By Easesa on 26 Feb `17, 5:44PM in Marketplace
    Laptop & Desktop Computer Repair Services   Any Problem with you computer? Eg, Virus, computer hang, format of you computer, cannot boot into window, Blue screen and many other problem?   •Friendly, professional service. •Accurate diagnostics. •Personal data back-up (Nor...
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    After working in IT consulting for more than eight years, Mr Tan Soo Yam wanted to take a break to upgrade his skills. The 35-year-old enrolled in a two-year information engineering master's programme in Kiel, Germany in 2015. And he did it without forking out a single cent for tui...
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    By cupcakes1 on 26 Feb `17, 11:38AM in Homework Forum
    I got Chem-C , Math -C, Econs -C, H1 -D GP-B , and PW-B so in total CCC/DBB, UAP 69. My preferred choice is SOCIAL SCIENCE in smu or is but I don’t think can get in I’m not a science kind of person, I don’t want to do engineering? What are my options? I’m not sure if i should retake, ...