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    By FireIce on 24 Nov `14, 1:14PM in News Discussion Lounge
    据研究公司 GlobalWebIndex 发布的数据显示,社交网络是近五年内发展第二迅速的在线活动,全球使用率增长187%,亚太地区的使用率则上扬242%,仅次于网上约会。 手机网络也在过去两年里越发热门,每10名全球互联网用户里就有4人使用手机短信的应用程序。亚太地区的用户增加至46%。 这项研究是涵盖32个国家,代表89%的全球网络人口。 Facebook 晋升本地最受欢迎的社交网络,超过90%的互联网用户拥有 Facebook 账户,比全球的大约70%来得多。 手机短信服务方面,研究显示截至今年第三个季度,10人里就有4人使用手...
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    By Nexonlow on 24 Nov `14, 9:45AM in Chit Chat
    Lai lai~ Anyone playing this game “Advance Dino”.? It’s something similar to Clash of Clans but way better in terms of the features they have like:   1.             You can control your dinosaur on where and what to atta...
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    By Daryle on 24 Nov `14, 8:45AM in Marketplace
    For sale is an old 1x12 guitar speaker cabinet. DOES NOT come with speaker inside. ITEM IS SOLD AS SHOWN IN PICTURE. Going for $80. Price negotiable if you're a serious buyer. Please sms Nine One One Seven Nine Zero Nine Four. Thanks! http://i865.photobucket.com/albums/ab211/darylegoh...