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    By MiddleWay87 on 01 Aug `14, 11:53PM in ~ Buddhism: Wisdom Bliss ~
    http://www.sutrasmantras.info/sutra04.html Buddha Pronounces the Mahāyāna Sūtra of the Dhāraṇī of Infinite-Life Resolute Radiance King Tathāgata Translated from Sanskrit into Chinese in the Northern Song Dynasty by The Dharma Master Fatian from India Thus I have heard:   &n...
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      Stomper Kabira​ shared this snapshot of her friends' Mandarin essay, which she felt was hilarious. She wrote: "Hilarious Mandarin composition written by teenager. "This was shared by one of my friends on Facebook. Found it funny, thought to share it with everyone." I...
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    By Funnyjunny on 01 Aug `14, 5:53PM in Chit Chat
    Seems like progressive wage model was already introduced into the Oil, Petrochemical, Energy and Chemical industry  since 2012! So in a way, PMEs there have some form of minimum wage, but their wages also get to progress upwards with experience. Do you think we need more of th...