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    By Aik TC on 18 Sep `14, 7:54PM in ~ Buddhism: Wisdom Bliss ~
    The gap between two truths The Zennist September 16, 2014 It is well known that Nagarjuna, who lived in the late 2nd century, engaged in debates that were called destructive (vitandâ). Such a tactic is close to skepticism. In other words, Nagarjuna refuted his opponent's thesis withou...
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    By Earthcosmic2 on 18 Sep `14, 5:43PM in Aunt Agony
    my hubby’s friends’ wives/gfs. Maybe I am shy or something else. Just like recently, I went to a baby shower of my hubby’s friend. All the wives and gfs were there chatting happily. A few of the girls cluster together to chit chat but I always feel they have clicks and that I should s...
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    By chia93 on 18 Sep `14, 3:36PM in Singapore Armed Forces
    If I honestly and truthfully declare crossdressing to the military medical doctor, can I write something like "uncomfortable to write down, to speak privately" on the online questionnaire and then privately speak to to tell the MO personally for medical-in-confidence? Then later, how ...