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    By Aik TC on 25 Apr `15, 12:34PM in ~ Buddhism: Wisdom Bliss ~
    Less than 40% of would-be MPs claim a belief in God National Secular society Fri, 24 Apr 2015 A survey carried out by Whitehouse Consultancy has found that 33% of parliamentary candidates contesting marginal seats describe themselves as atheists. Just 37% said they believe in God, and...
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    By Aik TC on 25 Apr `15, 12:26PM in ~ Buddhism: Wisdom Bliss ~
    No Anger The endless Further Apr 23, 2015 In response to last week’s post Cancer Again (Naturally), a reader wrote in a comment, “Usually the prognosis is pretty grim once it [cancer] has metastasized.” I saw my oncologist the next day and it turns out that’s true. I am going ...
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    By QX179R on 24 Apr `15, 8:37PM in News Discussion Lounge
    Two foreign workers - Subramaniam Shanmuganathan and Ponnan Muthukumar were commended by the SCDF on Friday for their public spiritedness. The duo received the SCDF Public Spiritedness Awards on Friday for climbing onto a balcony to rescue a toddler. Speaking to the media at the SCDF ...