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    By skellington on 20 Sep `14, 7:44PM in Chit Chat
    Okay, so I booked two tickets each for two movies, and after payment (even after receiving the sms otp) cathay sent me back to the page to fill in card details etc and then when I checked my booking they claimed there was no transaction. I checked my bank account and the balance is mi...
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    By Bus Stopping on 20 Sep `14, 4:35PM in Singapore Buses
    SECURITY NOTICE: Please note that if you are using the android app "Bus Deployment Checker", your personal information WILL be sent to the developer. This includes: 1. Email address 2. Phone number 3. IMEI (serial number) of your phone 4. Phone model   If you are concerned abou...
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    By dracas on 20 Sep `14, 12:18AM in Chit Chat
    I duno whether is it me. but these 2 types of FTs are like the most fucked up here. the first kind, the cheena FTs. The lower educated ones love to talk very loudly and shit and pee in public. The higher educated ones would literally stab you in the back if you make a little mistake. ...