01 Sep, 09:32PM in sunny Singapore!
Salsa Moves & Videos
  • fifufu's Avatar
    By fifufu on 01 Sep `14, 3:30PM in Singapore Taxis
    Driving into taxi stand..lansai driver from the back see pax with luggage..speed and cut 2 lanes to go into the stand before me. Me want to drv off but his lansai veh angle block me.. Then a while..still dun move off. Pax come out face black black and come into my taxi.. Then I ask wh...
  • ahbean82's Avatar
    By ahbean82 on 01 Sep `14, 2:25PM in The Gaming Paradise
    Seems like Gamevil had selected Singapore as one of the country to enjoy some new games from them first.. Just saw the press release somewhere online that they going to launch new mobile game called "Legend of Master Online". Seems like a hardcore online gaming on mobile phone, not su...
  • Ct2220's Avatar
    By Ct2220 on 01 Sep `14, 3:10AM in Singapore Taxis
    Still remember when I start driving Taxi time, One day pick up an old aunty with her Myanmar maid from Bk Timah want to go “Hong Law Yoh” ! (风炉窑), I Only can smile at her : Aunty, Sorry !  I Dun know where is 风炉窑。 She look at me : Ah Tee Pls help, You are the 5th Taxi that I...