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    By Aik TC on 30 Sep `14, 7:03PM in ~ Buddhism: Wisdom Bliss ~
      A Single Handful Buddhadasa Bhikkhu To call something “a fundamental principle of Buddhism” is correct only if, first, it is a principle that aims at the quenching of dukkha (suffering) and, second, it has a logic that one can see for oneself without having to believe others. T...
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    By quin on 30 Sep `14, 6:55PM in Republic Polytechnic
    I'm a first yar student in republic poly, i take pharmaceutical, i just completed my first semester with a cummulative GPA of 3.2 (i know its very low T.T). so what i want to know is, 1) what GPA do i have to get for my year 1 one semester 2, year 2 semester 1 and 2, year 3 semes...
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    By FireIce on 30 Sep `14, 6:53PM in News Discussion Lounge
    Traditional Chinese medicine giant Eu Yan Sang defends lead poisoning risk accusation   SINGAPORE - Traditional Chinese medicine giant Eu Yan Sang on Tuesday defended the safety of its authorised products after its best selling item was flagged by the United States' Food and D...