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    By FireIce on 24 Aug `16, 1:10PM in Food
    Importer recalls King’s potong ice cream after metal nut found: AVA A Singapore importer has voluntarily recalled some “King’s Ice Confection” products made in Malaysia after a member of the public found a metal nut in a bar of “King’s Potong Red Bean Ice Confection”. The discovery w...
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    By Aik TC on 24 Aug `16, 10:22AM in ~ Buddhism: Wisdom Bliss ~
    Spiritual trek in the Himalayas leads to Dalai Lama Niña P. Calleja Philippine Daily Inquirer August 21st, 2016   LIVING UP TO ITS NAME Nestled some 5,000 meters above sea level, the trail leading to the Ganda La mountain pass in the Himalayas offers a spectacular view of rocky ...
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    By QX179R on 23 Aug `16, 10:19PM in News Discussion Lounge
    Small protest at Singapore embassy in Jakarta JAKARTA — Just as the Singapore Embassy in Jakarta opened its doors on Tuesday (Aug 23) for well-wishers to sign a condolence book after Mr SR Nathan’s passing, a small protest was held over the alleged mistreatment of a retired Indonesian...