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    By AJQZC on 05 May `15, 5:48PM in Singapore Buses
    Seeing as to how - Downtown Line Stage 2 (DTL2) is entering service in a year or so, and - there still isn't a specific thread dedicated to discussing (possible) bus rationalisation when the line opens, despite numerous discussions in other miscellanous threads, I thought I would...
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    By Aik TC on 05 May `15, 5:41PM in ~ Buddhism: Wisdom Bliss ~
    India’s New Economic Model: Sustainable Development the Buddhist Way May 4, 2015, 06.32 PM IST By Sandeep Pandey & Rigzin Samphel Over 2500 years ago, Siddharth Gautam, a 29 year old man from India undertook a spiritual quest. His 6-year-old journey took him from Kapilvastu, the...
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    By NeverSayGoodBye on 05 May `15, 2:00PM in It's a Wonderful World
    (Poland) Morskie Oko is arguably the most beautiful of the Tatra lakes, and it is certainly the largest. It covers about 35 hectares in all, stretching some 860 metres in length, and 566 in breadth. The lake is entered through a small pass, and once inside, you are entirely surrounded...