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    By FireIce on 27 Jun `16, 1:11PM in Football & EPL
    Argentina skipper Lionel Messi has announced his retirement from international football following Argentina’s loss to Chile in Copa America final . Messi said, “This is a difficult moment. Tough to make analysis. I thought about it in the locker room and think national team career is ...
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    By Aik TC on 27 Jun `16, 10:57AM in ~ Buddhism: Wisdom Bliss ~
    The Complexities of Thai Buddhism  06/23/2016 Nicholas Liusuwan  Huffpost Thailand is often referred to as “The Land of Buddhism”, the best country in the world for those looking to study the teachings of the Buddha, at least the Theravada branch of the teachings. Thailand’...
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    By Willywonker on 27 Jun `16, 9:59AM in Marketplace
    Male Schnauzer for adoption On behalf.   Male Schnauzer for adoption.   8 month old, unsterilized (wanted to wait till 1 year old).   Adoption fees apply.   Comes with his crate, toys and leash.   New owner must transfer licensing details to own address.  ...