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    By Aik TC on 27 Nov `14, 9:49PM in ~ Buddhism: Wisdom Bliss ~
      Female Monks Challenge Buddhism’s Misogynistic Tendencies by Mark Hay, Good, November 2014   Bangkok, Thailand -- Many in the Thai state, clergy, and mainstream population are in a tizzy over one woman named Dhammananda. As a Bhikkuni, a Theravada Buddhist nun, she’s rai...
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    By Zzzfrendzzz on 27 Nov `14, 9:33PM in IT Support and Tech Corner
    Hi all, I'm currently experiencing a black / blank screen after the dell logo (my notebook is Dell). I have tired booting into safe mode by F8 but to no avail since im on windows 8.1. i have tired to reset the residue power as well. i have tried to crtl alt del but it wont respond...
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    By yangmm90 on 27 Nov `14, 3:30PM in Homework Forum
    I feel that our children are put to useless tests anything such as memorising texts when the internet and informations are already there.  Instead of training resourceful headed robots, we want resourceful minded people who knows how to manage risk, think of new ideas and improve...