30 Jul, 09:06PM in sunny Singapore!
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    By Yuehernkang on 30 Jul `14, 7:14PM in Marketplace
    Selling away my Westone UM Pro 30 More info on this product :  http://www.stereo.com.sg/store/product.php?cPath=664_685&products_id=2876   Used for around 2 weeks only,  Receipt dated 19 July 2014 Price : $550 Price (with FiiO cable) : $580 Condition : 10/10, alway...
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    By SuperSonic88 on 30 Jul `14, 3:56PM in IT Support and Tech Corner
    New purchase Lenovo Flex 20 (All-In-One) computer, battery self-discharge very fast after completely shut down, will drop about 25 % per day, means if I on my computer after 24 hours, battery left 75%, 50% after 2 days, totally flat after 4 days.   Call support hotline, troubles...
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    By uaskforit on 30 Jul `14, 3:27PM in Singapore Taxis
    Property market down. Stockmarket vol in a doldrum,vol getting lesser n lesser,many remisers & dealers resigned. Their next option is to be in insurance sales or drive taxis,as someone in Wanboa (chinese evening papers) mentioned he earned NOW 8k (7.5k already old news) that will ...