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    By 88Dec on 02 Jul `15, 1:09AM in Republic Polytechnic
    Am I doing the correct path in RP?   Fcousing on compulsary modules but forget about focusing on freely chosen module. Now Year3 in RP: I only use my CA/ daily grade to pass my freely chosen module and the rest just focus on my FYP and 3 compulsary module. In Year 2, I had failed...
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    By KillingUrFeelings4 on 01 Jul `15, 11:59PM in Homework Forum
    Okay so this is my first year in JC and my subject combi is PCMG . So basically I just don't know what it takes to do well in a JC and like how exactly I'm supposed to study cause I don't have any friends older than me that have gone through JC alrdy ( yes I've got a bad circle of fri...
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    By Dharmasharer on 01 Jul `15, 11:18PM in Buddhism : Amitabhaland
    Click To Register Here  Feedback From 1st & 2nd Runs: ‘This is one of the most interesting courses that I have attended. What we ought to know about preparations before and after death were well taught and touched on in great details. I now have a better understandin...