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    By Janetx5x on 23 Apr `14, 10:03PM in Aunt Agony
      Is it really impossible to survive without a degree in Singapore? Actually expeirence and degree, which one is more important? I'm 20 years old and I get looked down on so much, at my part time jobs, at the companies. Not only because I'm not really tall,  but people, aunt...
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    By bluepie on 23 Apr `14, 7:58PM in Homework Forum
    Hello I have a question regarding the nucleophilic addition of nucleophiles to nitriles and amides, in particular the nucleophilic nitrogen atom of amines. Since nitrogen is more electronegative than carbon, carbon has a partial positive charge, thus it is more prone to attack by nucl...
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    By Smear1 on 23 Apr `14, 6:24PM in Marketplace
    Unused gift, still has 8 months warranty left on it (only bought 4 months ago and not used at all, its in prefect condition). I'm dropping price as I'm an ex-pat moving away soon. Its has an ssd drive and is a very light weight machine. Will sell for 650 or first serious offer   ...