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    By FireIce on 22 Jan `17, 12:45PM in Cars
    The number of new cars put on the road last year surged by more than half from 2015, with the top four brands now being Japanese. Thanks to an expanded certificate of entitlement (COE) quota, there were a total of 87,504 registrations last year, up 52 per cent from 57,589 in 2015, sai...
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    By FireIce on 22 Jan `17, 12:04PM in The Gaming Paradise
    Industry is forecast to be worth $2.7 billion by next year   The mass appeal of a sport can often be gauged by the politicians associating themselves with it. Political leaders, especially today, often use the great leveller of competitive sports to connect with people. By this m...
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    By FireIce on 22 Jan `17, 12:02PM in Homework Forum
    Girls tend to outdo boys academically at a younger age although this gap closes as they enter their late teens and early 20s. Statistics from the Ministry of Education (MOE) showed that in the last 10 years, girls performed "slightly better" than boys in the Primary School Leaving Exa...