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Risky political Game: USA Plays ‘Tibet Roulette’ with China

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    • Risky Geopolitical Game: Washington Plays ‘Tibet Roulette’ with China

      by F. William Engdahl

      Washington has obviously decided on an ultra-high risk geopolitical game with Beijing’s by fanning the flames of violence in Tibet just at this sensitive time in their relations and on the run-up to the Beijing Olympics.

      It’s part of an escalating strategy of destabilization of China which has been initiated by the Bush Administration over the past months. It also includes the attempt to ignite an anti-China Saffron Revolution in the neighboring Myanmar region, bringing US-led NATO troops into Darfur where China’s oil companies are developing potentially huge oil reserves.

      It includes counter moves across mineral-rich Africa. And it includes strenuous efforts to turn India into a major new US forward base on the Asian sub-continent to be deployed against China, though evidence to date suggests the Indian government is being very cautious not to upset Chinese relations.

      The current Tibet operation apparently got the green light in October last year when George Bush agreed to meet the Dalai Lama for the first time publicly in Washington...



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    • It's the first step for them to justify defaulting on their 1.4 trillion debt to China... dun believe, time will tell. Demonize the Chinese as opportunistic lenders, for getting them into debt, forgetting that it's their own hedonistic and spendthrift lifestyle that is to blame... Maybe even blame China for financing the Iraq War... haha

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    • "There is only one way that I can see this being done. The United States would agree to dismantle all its overseas military bases (or at least, those outside of the Western Hemisphere). This would mean relinquishing its dream of imposing world hegemony by force of arms. This also would free it--and other countries--from the post-Cold-War arms race."

      I am more pessimistic and cynical. There is another way. Hold the world hostage with Middle Eastern oil. That is the purpose of occupying Iraq.

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    • Well, I don't agree totally with US's ways, esp this president.

      However, one thing about US, their ways of doing things, are predictable in a certain way, but if CHINA were to reign superme, they may do things differently.

      Like in Sg, we are able to survive in this part of the world, also part of shoulder rubbing with US. And I do believe other countries may "benefit" also.

      I hope the rest try to see where I am coming from.



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    • but if CHINA were to reign superme, they may do things differently.


      I don't think China can be the global hegemon.

      Their geographical position is not favourable.

      They are surrounded by Russia, India and Japan.

      If China acts cocky like USA, these three will form an alliance to encircle China.

      USA can fuck around because there are no strong powers threatening its borders.

      Since their home is safe, they spend their energy fucking around overseas.



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    • What you are saying here is "containment".

      Isn't it odd that with almost 4 decades o open door policy, economic growth, industrialization and even--interconnected world, we still see so-called "alliance" seeking to isolate and contain another civilisation they see as "strategic competitor"?

      I am worried, not about growing power of China nor so-called "free" Tibet demo, but the extend Western powers will go to maintain its cultural, policica; and economic dominance.

      The Western media had convenient left Taiwan issue, sub-prime crisis, Korean issue aside, choosing only magnify and encourage public opinoins against CHina, even at the price of Olympoc spirit. Dirty dogs are at work now.

      This isn't the 1st time. Recall back in 1991 when China lost its bid for the 2000 Olympic Games due political arm-twisting and obstructions from some countries, Sydney won only two votes more than China. That was undeniably politically motivated.

      Come 2008 Olympic, here we see rioting in TIbet, calls for game-boycott, and other un-related demands on China. If one look further back months ago, we see over-zealous claims about made-in-China "toxic toys" to spies-from China in western media, that could make Darth Vader Empire envious.

      If you had read the amount of anger and dismay by Chinese-netizen, you will be surprised how much western media exposure they had and how they had read lies presented to the World. Many Chinese-national, in welcoming the Olympic event, even attempt to learn English language to communicate with the World as part Game preparation.

      Imagine all they see in English now demonstrations trying to destroy the Olympic spirit and banners showing  "Shame on China".

      IMO, there is NOTHING to be ashamed of when a country is able to put over 1 billions of its people out of poverty within 30 years. And that include people of Tibet from their feudal past.

      from "No dogs or Chines allowed". ...to "Shame on China"...history has a strange way of repeating itself.



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      This is a blog entry from a Chinese American: 



      It well reflects the frustration and anger felt by most Chinese people. That China has managed to elevate millions of people out of abject poverty apparently hardened US' resolve to contain and strangle us. Judging by the way things go, they will corner us until we have no breathing space.  I suspect something ominous will happen when that time comes.

      America must re-view its foreign policy with regards to China. AFter all, as this poem says,  "This Big Blue Earth is Big Enough for all of Us." Why be so hostile and want so much to eradicate us?  



      What Do You Want From Us?

      a poem by a Silent, Silent Chinese


      When We were called Sick man of Asia, We were called The Peril.

      When We are billed to be the next Superpower, We are called The



      When We were closed our doors, You smuggled Drugs to Open Markets.

      When We Embrace Freed Trade, You blame us for Taking away your jobs.


      When We were falling apart, You marched in your troops and wanted your

      "fair share".

      When We were putting the broken peices together again, "Free Tibet"

      you screamed, "it was an invasion!"


      ( When Woodrow Wilson Couldn't give back Birth Place of Confucius back

      to Us,

      But He did bought a ticket for the Famine Relief Ball for us.)


      So, We Tried Communism, You hated us for being Communists

      When We embrace Capitalism, You hate us for being Capitalist.


      When We have a Billion People, you said we were destroying the planet.

      When We are tried limited our numbers, you said It was human rights



      When We were Poor, You think we are dogs.

      When We Loan you cash, You blame us for your debts.


      When We build our industries, You called us Polluters.

      When we sell you goods, You blame us for global warming.


      When We buy oil, You called that exploitation and Genocide.

      When You fight for oil, You called that Liberation.


      When We were lost in Chaos and rampage, You wanted Rules of Law for


      When We uphold law and order against Violence, You called that

      Violating Human Rights.


      When We were silent, You said you want us to have Free Speech.

      When We were silent no more, You say we were Brainwashed-Xenophobics.


      Why do you hate us so much? We asked.

      "No," You Answered, "We don't hate You."


      We don't Hate You either,

      But Do you understand us?


      "Of course We do," You said,

      "We have AFP, CNN and BBCs..."


      What do you really want from us?

      Think Hard first, then Answer...


      Because you only get so many chances,

      Enough is Enough, Enough Hypocrisy for this one world.


      We want One World, One Dream, And Peace On Earth.

      - This Big Blue Earth is Big Enough for all of Us.



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