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Some clarifications.

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    • Note that I do give alot of leeway in discussing political issues and I do not close or lock threads often. I believe most of the people here can attest to it. But if there are nonsense it just means two things: (i) You can't read the guidelines. (ii) I will deal with the thread in any manner I please.

      If any one has any issues over how I run this place, you are free to complain to FI and Jason for all I care. They will remove me if they find my actions unfit.

      Note that the mods here are doing things at their own free time and we are not paid so don't make things too difficult for us.

      In the mean time, happy posting and discussing about the politcal scene in Singapore. We try to keep this place as free as possible as an avenue to speak out our views and political ideas.

      And in the mean time happy Mother's Day to all our wonderful mothers (save one) who has brought us in this world :)

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