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eliminate gang presence in singapore

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    • Originally posted by Lokey:

      Right now, about 3 to 5% of the youngsters are gangsters. They do involve in fight but may not result in slashing. Many of them are already OK at their twenties. Blame the parents not the child. 



      Nozadays I am becoming more scientific in my approach to answers like these.so when people say 'Blame the parents' they are partly correct cuz if you look into your gene defect you might find out that one of your ancestors have also been there and done that.

    • Originally posted by Demon Bane:

      One day the gang may go into politics! If govt allow that, will be interesting to see....hahaha!

      That gang you talking about went into politics before  independance day and has been running the country eversince!icon_biggrin.gif

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    • Perhaps the govt should examine why people esp. young people join gangs....it's a social issue that needs to be nipped at the bud.....otherwise will become a huge social problem!

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