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Alan Greenspan Acknowledged That Federal Reserve Is Private

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    • It took nearly a hundred years of effort to create a degree of public awareness that the Federal Reserve has always been a private corporation.

      And for a Federal Reserve Chairman to acknowledge this publically ­ as Alan Greenspan did in his now famous TV interview ....................

      "Well, first of all, the Federal Reserve is an independent agency and there is no other agency of government which can overrule actions that we take."

      In 1996 the Federal Reserve announced that they would stop reporting the M3 money supply, but the bank bailout agreement revealed in December 2010 that the Federal Reserve had created $12.3 trillion dollars unbeknownst to Congress or the American people.

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    • yalor, you dunno meh, when alan green or bluespan of fed reserve talks, the world finanical market moves...so powerful you know..and as an investor, if you heel to what he said, you can kiss your money goodbye

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    • For those that are not aware, please see for yourself what is going on in US...


      The US economy & banks will be crashing soon, the rest of the world's economy will probably go down with them this year 2011.

      For those of you that are going to lose lots of money due to large investments, just remember, life is not about having lots of money. It is more about self-discovery and learning life lessons so that you can progress further in the universe.

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