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National Day Rally 2015, 23 August

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    • Utility bill so high now, save energy and money, not watching.   Thanks to this  c c utility bill keep going up.


      What interesting, useful and beneficial things can this cc talk.   Always say same.


      Before this become pm, national day rally more interesting.


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      If the extent of multiracialism is so successful in Singapore and everybody in Singapore is a "Singaporean".


      Why is there a need for different races to be represented in Parliament?


      So....is Singapore's multiracialism a failure?




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    • can i just say tt the chinese interpreter is going too fast and way too animated at some points

    • same old stuff about babies and HDBs





      and i heard someone snigger when PM said the SIT campus will be at........


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    • This GE 2015 we have 9 opposition parties. Looking at the line up of opposition parties, 7 out of 9 of them obviously don't qualify. Apart from the SDP, none of the other opposition parties have ever proposed an appropriate plan of action, or they make proposals that even a layman can see is highly impractical. Most opposition parties have done nothing but slam the PAP for its perceived shortcomings without putting forth proposals of their own. "Opposition for opposition's sake" is a dangerous idea, and in order for an opposition party to be seriously considered, they must at minimum fulfill three criteria - they must have an alternative plan, they must be of good character, and they must have good leadership.

      Let's be honest, the PAP is not perfect. Even under their rule, we still face difficulties as a nation. By no means am I suggesting they are doing a bad job, but comparisons are always going to be made between Singapore and other countries, whether it's "Look at the housing prices in Hong Kong! HDB is not that bad." or "There's free health care in Canada, why can't we have the same here?" The PAP's approach has worked relatively well up till now, but there is always room for improvement. Our Ministers can say policies like minimum wage isn't viable, or that HDB prices are the lowest they can go considering the limited land, or that the cost of health care for our citizens can't go much lower. But the SDP has proposed some alternative policies that may ease the burden on our citizens, and while some may seem like a long shot, wasn't the success of Singapore itself built on questionable odds? Yet under the leadership of Lee Kuan Yew, we defied the odds and are now among the most developed nations in the world. The question we should always ask is, "Maybe no one has done this before, but can we do better?"

      We don't need some people-pleaser opposition that merely tells us what we want to hear during rallies, then sits in Parliament silent as a mouse instead of contributing ideas. If this is the kind of opposition we have, we really are better off with a one-party system. What we need is an opposition that hears the problems we have, and then translates it into actionable ideas that can be discussed in Parliament. We should not discount the contributions or the strengths of the PAP, for without them we would likely have crumbled a long time ago. Instead what we need is a capable opposition that's willing to work WITH the PAP to introduce fresh ideas and implement policies that benefit the nation as a whole. And so far, the SDP is the only opposition party that has demonstrated the ability to do so.



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