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The disaster of same sex marriage for Singapore:

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    • The disaster of same sex marriage for Singapore:
      HIV transmission risk during anal sex 18 times higher than during vaginal sex
      Roger Pebody, Published: 28 June 2010
      The risk of HIV transmission during anal intercourse may be around18 times greater than during vaginal intercourse, according to the results of a meta-analysis published online ahead of print in the International Journal of Epidemiology.
      Since non- consumation of marriage is reason for annulment of marriage, then same sex marriage OBVIOUSLY = encouragement of anus sex (2 males) or penetration with foreign objects/ other appendage (2 females or 2 males): which is highly abnormal if not beastly behaviour with high risk of injuries if not HIV. (Increased ambulance attendance to physical injuries, increased HIV burden on healthcare system since HIV is a complicated LIFE LONG contagious disease.

      Mom's with HIV can pass HIV to kid and also cannot breast feed (transmission risk) resulting in the kid being very much dependent on state welfare support for food and healthcare (mom would be poor cos HIV is expensive disease to treat).

      Kid might grow up thinking anus sex is normal and even get HIV from anus sex in teenage years (latch key kids).

      Same sex spouse might get HIV resulting in healthy spouse taking family leave further hurting productivity of his/ her employer resulting in reduced investments in Singapore economy.

      HDB (public housing) gives couples a generous subsidy for new apartment ostensibly on the pretext that with a home, the couple can procreate and boost Singapore's birth rates which are now in dire straits. Same sex marriage couples would get upset if they cannot receive such generous subsidies, then again, why promise them a license to marry then deprive them of housing subsidies? Better to make the facts clear at the beginning.

      Lastly, courts would be plagued with marital issues (divorce due to non-consumation by anus sex) or whatever kind of ritual is fashionable between homosexual couples. Judges would waste much time deciphering such odd disputes between same sex couples. Teachers would also be confused with new social conventions if a child has two daddy's or two mummies: whom to call for discipline issues, whom to call if a teenage girl has a 'pte issue', what if both daddies are on reservist and it is meet the teacher day? Who will teach a boy enlisting for NS about the inns and outs if he has two mummies?

      What happens if each party independently decides to have a kid (buy sperm or via paid surrogate woman for male couples), would these folks reproduce at a ridiculous rate (a male can impregnate one surrogate each night as long as he has the $$$ to pay for her service): who is responsible for the child if the same sex couple divorces: the one who paid for the surrogacy(male payer) or the one who delivered the child (female couples). What happens if the surrogate mom decides that 2 dad's are an unhealthy family and now wants custody of the kid for his/ her bemifit? What happens to the mini army when the $$$ runs out?

      When the kid is in his/her teenage years, can he sue the government of negligence for not providing the 'correct' home environment especially if one or both parents have died from HIV leaving the kid orphaned? If the kid, having passed statutory age has consensual anus sex with his/ her dad: is that okay?

      The fact that a vast majority of HIV cases in Singapore are amongst homosexual people, besides alluding to the fact that anus sex is a highly dangerous and reckless act also suggest that homosexual people are more likely have multiple sex partners: this making them unsuitable for marriage certification in the first place since fidelity is a significant pillar of marriage.

      Would Singapore need more foreigner influx for population replacement as anus sex yields no kids? Will our national reserves, elected president not withstanding (he could well be a homosexual bank ex-CEO), be exhausted on HIV related healthcare costs and welfare for orphaned kids and broken families?

      These are all questions to be answered by those pink dot movement people who might want to distribute certificates of marriage to their friends or family like girl guide cookies. No need to make this world more complicated, crazy and confused than it already is...
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    • Wow this is rubbish.


      1) HIV cannot be spread through anal intercourse unless your partner was already infected anyway. Don't anyhow spread fear. Also, everything you do also got risk. Might as well don't do anything la. Just stay at home. Oh ya, maybe your home also collapse how? Oh ya, its because people have already taken steps to minimize the risk of such things occuring... Same concept here, People should just make sure their partners are safe, and take steps to minimize any risks while enjoying themselves.


      2) Highly abnormal if not beastly behavior? Are they going to have sex in front of you? And so now, if I only wear long pants in public because I think its abnormal and beastly behaviour to show any leg in public (as a guy mind you), does that mean that people should also not wear shorts in public? Oh, did you also know that some straight couples also have anal sex? Like that how? 


      2) Children with same-sex families don't necessarily do worse. In fact, sometimes they do better. Check out this research published here: https://www.aamft.org/imis15/aamft/Content/Consumer_Updates/Same-sex_Parents_and_Their_Children.aspx 3)


      3) All your arguments about "family" issues can either be solved, or are not even an issue in the first place. If you're not smart enough to do so yourself, let me know and I will be more than happy to go in depth for you (no pun intended)...


      4) You're assuming that the legalization of same-sex marriage will turn more people homosexual. Think about this way, will you suddenly turn homosexual if same-sex marriage is legalised? Same goes for others. Just because same-sex marriage is legalised doesn't mean people will suddenly "turn" homosexual, it would just allow those who are already homosexual to live happier and more fulfilling lives.


      5) No need to make this world more complicated, crazy and confused than it already is? So why must we live in a world which caters only to your point of view. Why not one of the many hundreds of thousands, or possibly millions or billions of other perspectives that other people envision? The world is a complicated place, so don't just shrivel up in your corner and expect people to come to you.

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    • a whole lot of BS


      and ...


      please do not bring up a 6 year old report to support your claim.

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    • A difficult issue nonetheless. 

      I do not think that the will of man to choose should be violated. 

      However, we must also remember if there is such a thing as an afterlife and accounting for what you've done here on Earth, then everything we discuss here should be in light of that. 

      But if there is no after life and accounting for what we've done, then it logically follows that anything goes - that we get to set new definitions of what marriage is, doing things as a collective whole ; majority wins kind of logic. 

      A difficult issue with deep implications. But it is great to know that in Singapore, we can still dialogue about these issues peaceably. 

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    • Government will do what's right and not what's popular, let them decide to allow same sex marriage.



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    • Have these homos no shame....people will laugh at them and cuss at them....


      its shameful enough being gay...but being gay and demanding to that the public recognise them as lawful man and wife?



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    • I support gay rights wholehartedly, but it isn't homophobic to think that marriage is a straight thing... it's up to the religions to decide.

    • Also, I firmly believe that gay couples should get the same rights as straight couples in courts, and that umarried couples should get the same rights as married couples in court.

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