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Cabinet reshuffle after Parliament's mid-term break, says PM

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    • Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong will reshuffle his Cabinet after Parliament takes its mid-term break following the Committee of Supply (COS) debate.

      In a Facebook post on Tuesday (27 February), Lee said that he would do so in order to give the younger members of his Cabinet more exposure and responsibility.

      “This way, my successor will be supported by a stronger and more experienced team, committed to leading Singapore to a better and brighter future,” said Lee.

      The 66-year-old added that he would ask the fourth-generation ministers to draft the government’s agenda for the President’s address at the opening of Parliament, which will set out the government’s programme for the rest of this term.

      “It will give Singaporeans a better sense of them and their thoughts,” added Lee.

      The post was the latest in a series of comments on leadership succession by senior government figures in recent months.

      The COS debates on the Budget, which begins on Tuesday, will take place till 9 March. Parliament is scheduled to re-open in May after its mid-term break.



    • Cabinet reshuffle will give younger 4G ministers 'more responsibility': A closer look at 10 of them http://str.sg/o5rM 

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