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Black or White

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    • My sleep late last night was interrupted by a trunk call from Nicole Richie. She told me to stop using her dad’s song title “say you say me”, I mean, father (the word is longer than dad){you see, how I increase the price of my book, I use the longest synonym of a shorter word. {How I wish Lionel Richie is the great, great grandfather of Nicole Richie.} Thereafter, I explain. The more I explain the more words I use. The more money I can make from the book. Sometimes, you end up confusing the reader, and then they will buy your second book to try to find out the answer. When the readers finish reading the third book, the answer is not yet reveal. Eagerly, the avid readers waited for the fourth book. With panted breath, they waited for the fifth book. I believe that is how the renowned writers from 1 short story become a series. Actually, all the books are already in the store room. In order to jack up the value of the book, the writer slowly releases so that there will be long queues. Human nature is like that when there is a demand, everybody will rush to it. But if there is no demand, people will shun it. Therefore, frequently you will see people joining the queue without knowing what they are going into. Thereafter, they will purchase what the person before them bought (it does not matter they know how to read or not). To them, they feel that if everyone is buying and I do not buy then I may be left out. Wow, I have finished a long paragraph without even explaining what I want to say. Sometimes you have to learn how the successful writers do it. If I want to be as rich as them, I should use at least 4 chapters to beat around the bush, another 3 chapters go around trees and 5 chapters to trap the readers in the forest. But I am just a L-plate writer; I haven’t master one/zillion of their skill yet. (Actually I wanted to say one/tenth but the word is shorter). I wonder if it is better for me to sell page by page. Would it cause a greater stir and make me a bigger sensation than John Ronald Reul Tolkien, Lord of the Rings, an epic high fantasy novelist (To tell you the truth, I wanted to use J.K. Rowling but the name is too short. However , by explaining, I am able to lengthen considerably.

                              As I was saying, since I could not use “Say you say me”, so I chose the deceased Michael Jackson’s song, “Black or White”. He could not have been revived from the grave like in the fantastic video, “Thriller” and apply “Beat it” then reduce me to a pulp. But if he does appear, I will ask him to sign an autograph before beating me. Nobody in the entire universe would have a signed autograph from a very famous, deceased, but resurrected singer. I am absolutely sure (at first I wanted to use the word" very" but I think it is too short But I do not know his surviving children will ask me to return their father’s precious autograph  due to some intellectual property laws in whatever country or maybe heaven or hell. If they really take legal action, then I will engage our eloquent, seasoned and well respected ( I can’t think of some more long descriptive words but luckily for me  his Indian name is quite long), the great Subhas Anandan. (Did I spell correctly, I wonder? Yes I did. Unfortunately, it is not as long as I had wished for). How could I lose my legal battle with him around? I have to engage a psychic. I believe it would have cost me a bomb. But what is a bomb compared to this priceless possession? The good thing is the hell notes are cheaper than our secular notes so it is the cost of the psychic that will burn a hole in my pocket.
                              It seems like I can only beat around the bush only. I still can’t go any further like the other writers actually can finish the book using 5 pages end up with 10 books. Ok ,about Black or White. In this world it is not black or white only. It is sometimes blue black as in bruises. Many people do not know that medicines can cause bruising. Whenever I come across medicine that have side effects like tarry stool, intestinal bleeding, stomach bleeding, memory risk, hallucination, seizures, rapid heart rate, swelling, spontaneous miscarriage, confusion (besides writer, even medicine also can cause such symptoms, this must be a lucrative trait to target), I wonder why people would want to pay and be tortured and feel they can heal. I sometimes wonder if the person who prescribes is heartless or ignorant. Is the drug company to be blamed also for so many people’s health predicament?
                              To me, I feel that if a person’s original source of problem is not correctly diagnosed then it would be impossible to heal. For instance, if a person has high cholesterol due to eating deep fried food, processed oil, processed food like beacon, hot dog, instant noodles, manmade food like cake or desserts. If a person has high blood pressure, it can be due to eating high sodium that is processed like biscuits and instant noodles. Listen to the healed and not the highly qualified who tries to heal you
                              Black or white can be confusing.  People tend to look at things superficially. Chances are they are always wrong. Therefore, many of them end up mistaking the good intention of other people. It is a thankless job to tell a person where he/she has erred but many people forget it takes a true friend to tell you the hurting truth. Fair-weather friends tend to keep mum. Sometimes, it is very difficult to differentiate what is black or white! People often mistake a black hearted person as a saint and shun the angel in white treating that person as a demon!
                              I don't know if speaker corner must 100% talk politics since I promise my supporters, I will add a few ( I have to keep my mind active so I think all the time. This is good for the brain,  so is walnuts,  the misunderstood eggs, salmon fish.  Ultimately,  you have to eat natural food.  Please do not think so long as you see the word "natural"  on the box it is really natural.  The fruit juice in the carton can't be natural apple. It can last for weeks.  That means toxic preservatives are used. We must be equipped with the right knowledge in order not to poison our body.):
                              Rule by wisdom not by oppression
                              True democracy means people have a choice to choose and not be given Hopson’s choice
                              Say what you mean, don’t mince what you say
                              Ok time for dinner. Must eat early preferably by 6.30pm to avoid acid reflux which can lead to cancer . MIC OFF
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