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Lock Exercise Lightning Block a success Vote PAP OUT to Save SG 0 2,610 01 Oct `10, 9:48PM by Vote PAP OUT to Save SG view
Lock Vincent Cheng reveals the real reason for his arrest by ISD Vote PAP OUT to Save SG 0 2,920 01 Oct `10, 4:54PM by Vote PAP OUT to Save SG view
Lock Retire for what? Special tribute to Charlize last Genie99a 72 9,149 30 Sep `10, 10:46AM by angel7030 view
Lock The complaining public is more corked up than government. last january 76 10,221 30 Sep `10, 10:42AM by angel7030 view
Lock BE HONEST - You Voting for Who ? last Asromanista2001 39 6,893 29 Sep `10, 10:30AM by angel7030 view
Lock WILL THE REAL SINGAPOREAN PLEASE STAND UP? Maeren63 16 5,010 27 Sep `10, 1:28AM by mancha view
Lock DIAOYUTAI Fcukpap 0 2,633 26 Sep `10, 10:20PM by Fcukpap view
Lock Some 1.1m older Singaporeans to benefit from Medisave top-up Junyang700 20 5,090 26 Sep `10, 6:48PM by TooFree view
Lock ST no mention PR status of foreigners commit crimes in Spore hasene 6 7,038 26 Sep `10, 4:45PM by hasene view
Lock Sudden Cessation of the IR free shuttle services last swee_heng 96 13,719 26 Sep `10, 4:45PM by likeyou view
Lock Debunking wayang, point by point 4sg 14 3,816 24 Sep `10, 5:28PM by charlize view
Lock Government encourages more Singapore PRs to take up citizens hasene 10 5,022 24 Sep `10, 3:42PM by angel7030 view
Lock National Family Council wants to convince youths to.... last Rock^Star 27 6,954 24 Sep `10, 3:28PM by angel7030 view
Lock PM Lee: We take note of criticisms “seriously” last hasene 31 7,517 23 Sep `10, 2:09PM by charlize view
Lock Lee Kuan Yew: I am not longer in charge (of Singapore) last hasene 35 7,404 23 Sep `10, 2:03PM by angel7030 view
Lock SG & MY land swap deal ahtansh 10 8,138 23 Sep `10, 1:56PM by angel7030 view
Lock demand for open political .....lead to Race Base Politics. Arapahoe 13 4,319 23 Sep `10, 2:29AM by mancha view
Lock Facebook generation turns to local politics hasene 12 4,383 22 Sep `10, 3:49PM by angel7030 view
Lock Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew, waits for the end. last Vote PAP OUT to Save SG 52 16,733 21 Sep `10, 10:17AM by angel7030 view
Lock Myth? Our votes can be tracked down? last Positron 139 18,609 18 Sep `10, 11:27PM by tranquilice view
Lock Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore forces foreigners to become citizen Vote PAP OUT to Save SG 23 13,229 17 Sep `10, 5:17PM by justdoit77 view
Lock Confused TNP Journalist Lediati Tan Misleads Singaporeans Singa Crew 20 5,951 16 Sep `10, 10:13PM by gasband view
Lock Abolish death penalty for drug trafficking last PRP 291 29,658 16 Sep `10, 1:18AM by mancha view
Lock Balcony for drying cothings in HDB flats last PRP 242 46,272 14 Sep `10, 11:56PM by mancha view
Lock If you are leaving Singapore, where will you go?! last Lionoasis 1171 157,632 14 Sep `10, 9:09PM by Lionoasis view
Lock National Day Rally 29 Aug 2010 FireIce 6 8,949 13 Sep `10, 8:59PM by JohnKGW view
Lock Harmony committee similar to CCP 'river crab' doctrine wat qpicanto 4 2,901 13 Sep `10, 7:59PM by charlize view
Lock National Day Message 2010 by PM Lee last FireIce 328 29,685 13 Sep `10, 7:24PM by charlize view
Lock Lowering the social gap between the rich and the poor last dare82 68 10,606 13 Sep `10, 7:19PM by charlize view
Lock Singapore’s tough balancing act on immigration tranquilice 12 5,258 13 Sep `10, 7:17PM by charlize view