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No more country bashing, or country vs country war scenarios

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    • Pls refrain from country to country war scenarios, otherwise I will have no choice but to close this thread.

      Examples of statements that one should refrain from:

      "Country X will surely whack Country Y's air force cos it has so many more F-22s"

      "20 planes vs 100, how to fight?"

      "They surely die one la, maintainance so bad, personnel will be caught with their pants down in a surprise attack"

      "Country X people are lazy good for nothing idiots, and they so poor some more, got air force meh?"

      "LOL launch one missile they all die le"


      I am sure many of us us here have seen many more of such meaningless statements that obviously show a lack of understanding of real world issues and that many underlying factors actually play a part in the outcome of any potential conflict.

      This is a forum for meaningful discussion for militarynuts, not some chit chat session. If you want to post crap, go to chit chat.

      So please limit yourselves to a neutral, purely platform to platform comparison. Example: The projected performance of the APG-63(V)3 radar compared to conventional radars such as the APG-68(V)9, the merits of each, and the detrimentals.

      Will post the above ASAP and make it sticky.

      If you want to post anti-Singaporean, anti-Malaysian or even anti-Armenian or anti-Georgian threads for that matter, please kindly stay away.

      We do not need people to continue to smear the reputation of this subforums, or pose an irritation to others, or worse still  to implicate others.


      Your Moderator

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