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Merchant ship hits S'pore naval vessel near Pedra Branca

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    • Originally posted by kenkiller:
      I see the point and your noble intention, but it might even be worse if they stay on...tongues will wag, no matter how closely knitted the navy family is...

      Would you like to stay in a job that you caused the death of some of your collegues?


      One can run, but there will be no place to hide.

      Wherever one goes, the horror of the events will always return to fill one's memories.

      Only way to redeem oneself, is to give honor to those whose Lives have been lost by One's action or inaction, by performing better for the sake of the Living.

      Bring honor back to those who lost their Lives, by doing a better job for the Living.

      A Better Leader will be made, when he learns from his mistake.

      A Better MAN will be made, when he is eternally grateful for the trust of a Second Chance given....

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    • In its third party note, a formal communication between two embassies, Malaysia protested about the 'violation of Malaysia's territorial waters around the Malaysian island of Pulau Batu Putih' - its name for Pedra Branca - by the RSS Courageous at the time of the collision.

      The note sent last Tuesday attached forms for the RSS Courageous' commanding officer to submit to the Malaysian Marine Department.

      The reason given: As the collision was in allegedly Malaysian waters, the Malaysian Marine Department had started investigations.


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