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Why Brunei Prince rank is 4 star

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    • Brunei army is so tiny can have a 4 star general meh?

      SG only up to Leut General nia leh

      anyone can enlighten?

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    • Sultan and son are honorary generals in Brunei armed forces (son from 2004). The actual head/commander of RBAF is a major general. The Minister of Defence is technically the c-in-c which happens also to be the Sultan.

      Titles are irrelevant. Anyone can create a 5 star field marshal position.

      The Sultan of Brunei is actually a Field Marshal, Air Chief Marshal and Admiral in the British Army, Royal Air Force and Royal Navy. All honorary also. However the Sultan and probably son are also Sandhurst graduates.

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    • Double checked. Was another son who also graduated from Sandhurst (HRH Abdul Mateen), not the crown prince.

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    • As honorary head he must outrank the professional head.

      Kim Jong Un is a 4 star general and soon to be 6 star. NK's 5 star post was created to outrank SK and the 6 star post was created to outrank their own 5 star post.

      In conventional wisdom, a 6 star general commands two or more theatres.

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    • The point is you are reading too much into the significance of this title he made for himself.

      If I made you a one star NS general or rear admiral, would that make you a real general?

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    • The significance is often for protocol during official visits. A lot of clarification needed. In cases of multiple posts held, the capacity needs to be established first eg recent visit by crown prince of Brunei was on the basis of Chairman of Brunei MAS.

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    • but in the army all know what is 4 star

      honorary.... not paiseh meh

      should put same rank as the highest rank in his army good enough liao

      just a thought


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    • This is not the UK monarchy where royals humbly serve as a regiment's honorary colonel, or serve professionally in harm's way.

      Not to say that all colonels are humble...

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    • Originally posted by alize:


      Not to say that all colonels are humble...

      Fought to the death. Did not kowtow and run off.

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    • You are mistaken. He was retreating in a convoy with his bodyguards. After they were killed, he was found cowering weaponless in a drain.

      You admire a murdering dictator who oppressed, stole from and killed thousands of his own people?

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    • If you that to the Libyan people, they would give you a just end like they gave to Gaddafi.

      If you want to change the govt in Singapore, do it in a way that is receptive to most people and potential voters. The stuff you post is a discredit to the opposition movement. It does nothing for your cause.

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    • Originally posted by alize:

      If you that to the Libyan people, they would give you a just end like they gave to Gaddafi.

      If you want to change the govt in Singapore, do it in a way that is receptive to most people and potential voters. The stuff you post is a discredit to the opposition movement. It does nothing for your cause.

      I don't support Gaddafi's autocracy but support his pan africanism and anti-imperialism and wealth distribution.

      I oppose the war criminals Bush and Blair and the anglo-american imperialism and support the cause of annihiliation of the U.S dominated world order and creation of multipolar world.


      Gaddafi Helped Mandela

      It is important to maintain perspective. 

      I have always believed in democracy, and I have never thought of it as some kind of a western thing. 

      The day 9/11 happened I compared it to the start of something along the magnitudes of the Cold War.

      Gaddafi is like Castro in that he saw a lot. He saw colonialism, the Cold War, the aftermath, the War On Terror. This guy stayed in the news for half a century. 

      I was doing school in Kathmandu. We were amazed about this guy who seemed to driveReagan crazy. Who i-s this guy? We read up on him. 

      One of the details that has to be noted is that Gaddafi helped Mandela when nobody helped Mandela. 

      Dick Cheney was opposed to imposing sanctions on the apartheid regime and I don't think he has ever course corrected that stand. 









      Reagan’s embrace of apartheid South Africa

      His foreign policy legacy includes an alliance with a racist government




      Gaddafi opposed the racist apartheid regime of South Africa, U.S supported the racist regime.

      I support Gaddafi and his cause against south africa and completely opposed the U.S disgusting support for racist south Africa.

      Qaddafi was always at odds with the anglo americans. He wanted to overthrow the racist south african regime. U.S wanted to strengthen the racist regime.

      So in the end they killed Gaddafi as a warning for others.

      I support Gaddafi.


      In 1952, the ANC launched the Defiance Campaign against apartheid. With a broadened base that now included women, it adopted the Freedom Charter in June 1955 which declared that South Africa belonged to all of its residents regardless of race. A militant nationalist group insisted that South Africa belonged to blacks and formed a rival organization, the Pan African Congress (PAC). 

      Both organizations became involved in anti-apartheid resistance and were subsequently implicated in a defiance campaign that provoked violent reprisals in Sharpeville in 1960.  The Sharpeville Massacre where 69 protestors were killed by South African police who fired on 300 demonstrators, unleashed worldwide condemnation of the nation.  In response, the government declared a state emergency, and banned both the ANC and the PAC.   

      In 1961, the ANC signaled official adoption of violence with the formation of a military wing Umkhonto we Sizwe. Subsequent acts of violence and sabotage led to arrests of key ANC leaders including Nelson Mandela. After a lengthy trial in 1964, they were sentenced to life imprisonment.

      With much of its leadership either jailed or exiled, the ANC went underground and began guerilla activities from bases abroad. The violent crackdown of a peaceful student demonstration in Soweto in 1976 provoked more global condemnation of apartheid.

      Throughout the 1980s, the ANC coordinated sabotage and guerrilla attacks within, and anti-apartheid campaigns abroad. In response, South Africa and its major western allies classified the ANC as a terrorist organization, and launched attacks on its external bases. These events provoked international reactions against, and pressures on, South Africa. 

      The ANC received crucial military supports from the Soviet Union and Cuba.

      Although this ended with fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, by 1990, succumbing to increased international pressures, South African President F. W. de Klerk reinstated the ANC and released Mandela. 




      The Racial Question Is
      A Class Question


      Chairman Mao Tse-tung received visitors from Africa here this afternoon [8 August 1963]. During the reception, Chairman Mao Tse-tung made a statement calling upon the people of the world to unite against racial discrimination by U.S. imperialism and support the American Negroes in their just struggle against racial discrimination.

      Chairman Mao Tse-tung had a very cordial, friendly talk with the friends from Africa. During the talk, he condemned the racial discrimination practiced by U.S. imperialism, as well as that of the colonialist authorities of South Africa and in every part of the world. “Racial discrimination”, he said, “is found in Africa, in Asia, and in other parts of the world. The racial question is in essence a class question. Our unity is not one of race; it is the unity of comrades and friends. We should strengthen our unity and wage a common struggle against imperialism. colonialism, and the running dogs, to attain complete and thorough national independence and liberation.”

      After explaining how China’s revolutionary struggle had won through to victory, Chairman Mao said: “This proves that a revolution by the people can triumph and that imperialism and its running clogs can be defeated. The tide of anti-imperialism and anti-colonialism is sweeping through all Africa. All countries whether or not they have already attained independence, will sooner or later win complete and thorough independence and liberation. All the Chinese people support you. The people of Africa are awakening with each passing day; so are the people of the whole world. The workers, peasants, revolutionary intellectuals and all other revolutionary people, who constitute over ninety per cent of the world’s population, can be united in the fight for the victory of the revolution.”

      “In the fight for thorough emancipation,” Chairman Mao said, “the oppressed peoples rely first of all on their own strength and then, and only then, on international assistance. The people who have already won victory in their revolution should help those who are still struggling for liberation. This is our internationalist duty.”






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    • Dalfarce, that was just simply sick.

      You really do nothing to help your cause. Who are you going to praise next for being anti-US? Stalin? Hitler?

      Seriously, think a bit.

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    • Gaddafi helped Mandela to fight against racist regime in south africa and free the blacks from racist oppression. I support him. You tell me to choose between supporting U.S and Gaddafi, I will choose completely to support Gaddafi.

      I will never support U.S and its imperialist policies.

      I oppose the U.S for supporting the racist regime in South Africa. Shame on those who support the U.S imperialists.


      Mandela's 50-vehicle convoy passed under a series of welcoming banners, including one that set the tone for his visit saying: "Mandela's visit to Libya is a devastating blow to America."

      After a triumphant cavalcade around downtown Tripoli, Mandela, 79, was greeted by Gaddafi outside the ruined home in which the Libya leader's daughter, Hana, was brutally killed in a U.S. air raid more than 10 years ago.

      Greeting Gaddafi with a hug and a kiss on each cheek, Mandela told him: "My brother leader, my brother leader. How nice to see you."

      Shortly afterwards, he told reporters he remained unimpressed by U.S. opposition to his mission, adding:"Those who say I should not be here are without morals. I am not going to join them in their lack of morality."

      Mandela said he had spent 27 years in jail rather than abandon his principles under pressure and said he felt the same way about his debt to Gaddafi and the Libyan people for their support in the struggle against apartheid.

      "This man helped us at a time when we were all alone, when those who say we should not come here were helping the enemy (South Africa's white government)," Mandela said.



      South Africa sticks by Gaddafi




      The South African government is stubbornly continuing to support Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, wherever he is.

      South African President Jacob Zuma's government blocked a United States proposalat the United Nations Security Council on Wednesday to release $1.5 billion in Libyan assets — frozen by the United Nations to starve Gaddafi of resources. The unfrozen funds would go to Libya's rebels.

      South Africa agreed to approve $500 million of the package for urgent humanitarian assistance, but it opposes the release of the remaining $1 billion because the National Transitional Council has not yet been recognized by the U.N. itself. It also opposed recognizing the rebels' National Transitional Council.

      The U.N. security council has scheduled a vote on the U.S. proposal on Thursday in New York. Both the U.S. and Britain have criticized South Africa's stance. 

      However it is not just South Africa. Many other African governments do not want to move against Gaddafi, because of his support for them in the past...




      Before US-NATO Invasion, Libya Had The Highest 
      Human Development Index , The Lowest Infant Mortality, 
      The Highest Life Expectancy In All Of Africa




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    • This isn't even the appropriate forum. This is a forum for military hardware and tactics.

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    • Just a title. Seriously i dun give a damm to General. Even they stand in front of me. I will say Kee Chiu.

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