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How to get PES F?

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    • LOL why do you want to escape Military Life. In military life, you will know a lot of friends and will definitely be a different person after POP...

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    • I was PES F a few years ago for depression. After PES F I go to university to study. I completed uni 3 years ago and I had a lot of difficulties finding jobs. I trusted the forum who said that PES F no big deal. No one told me what will happen during job interviews. They asked my CV and expected my SAF transcripts inside. I asked them why and they said it is the government policy to pay ORD personnel $200-300 more per month and needed the evidence that I completed NS. I told them I did not complete NS. They went through the interview and I never hear from them again. I thought it was just government sector so I tried private. They also ask me how come other males can complete and I cannot. I told them I had depression and now I am well. Again I never hear from them. I gave up looking for jobs and work as a free lance tuition teacher. I can survive but I have am engineering degree. I should not be earning such pay. Don't be like me. Do not get PES F. You will survive but you will be at a disadvantage.

    • I went to MP and appeal to do NS again but I was rejected. Life is so not fair.

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    • PES F is no need serve 1 liao... you have to be very sickly to even get that status man

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