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    • Hi, I'm a female about to graduate from an overseas university. I'm very interested in joining RSN as a Naval Officer and would like to know some stuff about the application and the life inside. I know I should go for open house/career talk to get the more accurate info, but I'm currently still overseas so I won't be able to attend. I've tried emailing them to ask for more info but all they tell me is to attend the career talk - which I can't at the moment. Here are some of the questions:

      1) What's the application procedure like, and how long does it take? I know there is an interview, medical procedure and then (i think) a final panel interview? How long does this entire process take? I'm asking because I'm graduating in July and I heard they only have two intakes per year, August and February. I definitely won't be able to make it for the August one, so I'm hoping to at least make it for the feb intake. 

      2) For some reason most of the information I find online about life in RSN is on OCS, not much information on how life after OCS is like. Is there anyone who is able to share what their life in RSN is like? E.g. what is the job scope, colleagues, work culture, progression, how often are the sea deployments... I'm also very curious if the lack of sleep only applies for OCS period, or throughout the whole career?

      3) How long is the bond? Can't seem to find this information anywhere.

      4) I've heard from a friend that if I complete my degree before signing on, I can try to apply for a "pay back" or some sort. Is this true? If so, what do they look for and how do I apply?

      5) How easy or difficult is it to have work-life balance? 

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