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Military Nuts posting guidelines (Please read!!)

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    • Dear Military Nuts,

      Due to the nature of the topics being discussed on Military Nuts, we urge posters to exercise discretion when discussing issues which might have implications beyond this forum. This is especially true regarding restricted information on military doctrine and equipment.

      In addition to the usual SGforums Commandments, please abide by the following guidelines before posting

      1) Please refrain from posting information about restricted doctrine and equipment which are not in public domain. If it’s supposed to be classified, let it STAY classified!

      2) Public domain information should be accompanied by the source of information. At the very least, references should ideally include the name of the publication as well as the date of the publication (Month/Year), or a link the full URL should it come from a website. And no, information from material restricted to MINDEF personnel doesn’t count as public domain information!

      3) Separate facts from rumours. If you’ve been told about something your friend’s brother girlfriends’ brother heard/saw, state it as such. In addition, if what you’ve been told is supposed to be classified, rule (1) applies

      4) Mobilisation Codes: These are considered Restricted Information. Please do not discuss these, particularly in the context of linking such codes to units/formations. Err on the side of caution, do not discuss them at all!

      5) It is often tempting to tell everyone how much you know or about what you are. Or drop hints, clues and make innuendos to that effect, when you’re not supposed to. DON’T. You might be giving away more than you think!

      The moderating team strives to maintain Military Nuts as a forum to discuss all things military including that of Singapore’s, without compromising Singapore’s national security at the same time. As such we will not hesitate to remove any thread or posting which contravenes these guidelines. However, that is, and always will be, a last resort, and we’ll prefer posters to exercise their own discretion to us exercising it on their behalf.

      We request your cooperation and understanding on this issue. Should you have any queries regarding these guidelines, please feel free to approach any of us via a Private Message. Thank you,

      For the Moderators of Military Nuts, SGforums

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    • mabbe i can say the same applies to the SAF forums.

      but the focus of the SAF forum is, o cos, the SAF. Wink

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    • And in case anybody is wondering if the powers-that-be are indeed watching this forum, read on...



      Pssst... Strike Eagle just streaked by!

      Military enthusiasts update each other on the Net but there is self-policing; also Mindef makes regular visits for feedback

      By David Boey

      THE Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) has yet to unveil a replacement for its Crossbow light anti-tank weapon, but an Internet forum called Military Nuts has been abuzz with talk that the army may soon unveil a tank-busting rocket called Matador.

      Days after February's Asian Aerospace air show, aircraft enthusiasts kept some Internet chatrooms busy with reports of having sighted fighter jets like the American F-15 Strike Eagle and French Rafale thundering across Singapore, presumably on trials being conducted by the Republic of Singapore Air Force.

      Net-based defence forums are popular among military enthusiasts who wish to keep one another posted on new developments. They engage in lively discussions on military topics - from the value of national service to the purchase of new equipment.

      And the people who read these comments include big shots from the Ministry of Defence.

      The ministry said it welcomes Internet discussions on defence subjects, but cautioned that classified information should not be aired on the Net.

      There is a healthy amount of self-policing by most defence forum moderators, to ensure that sensitive information like SAF code words or information on weapons are not flashed on the Net.

      One of Military Nuts' moderators, a 28-year-old aeronautical engineer who goes by the screen name Viper52, said those who post messages are urged 'to exercise discretion when discussing issues which might have implications beyond this forum'.

      He said: 'This is especially true regarding restricted information on military doctrine and equipment.'

      Mindef said that it makes regular visits to such sites, to 'gather feedback'.

      Colonel Bernard Toh, a spokesman for the ministry, said: 'National service is a shared experience, so it is natural that our servicemen, both full-time national servicemen and NSmen, take an interest in defence matters and discuss them, including on the Internet.

      'Mindef follows public discussions on defence issues and we also gather feedback.'

      Col Toh said SAF servicemen are free to take part in Internet discussions, but are reminded 'that they have security obligations when discussing defence matters - in whatever medium'.

      He added that most Singaporeans are responsible and careful about what they post on the Net, as they 'understand the need to observe security in defence matters'.

      So far, no one has run afoul of the law, but The Straits Times understands that some servicemen have been advised to tone down their postings.

      'If there are security breaches, the appropriate action could range from advice to disciplinary action, depending on their seriousness,' said Col Toh.

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