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    • Last time during BMT I was told by the sergeant "First time, I tell you. Second time, I remind you. Third time, We shall see." So to all those recruits who just join this forum. I shall tell you now.

      Do not go and start a new topic if a similiar one is being discussed. What point are you trying to make, that the subject you are talking about is different?


      What do you think about the fortress Singapore article in ST

      You'd be mad to test the Singapore fortress

      Why ask people of their comments when its already posted in a topic.

      Price of NGF?

      Singapore's Next Generation Fighter

      The moderators created a sticky for all to post any comments about the NGF and yet a new topic was created to talk about the same thing again.

      I think the moderators should delete these duplicates and guidelines be amended to prevent double posting.

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