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  • dont know much's Avatar
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    • I am working part-time for my boss. 

      Am freelancing as well on my own, in the same industry as my boss's.  But on a much more smaller scale.


      Is there any person / online place  where I can enquiry about  legal issue pertaining to (above-mentioned) ?  Just want to know if the contract clause in my contract will get me into trouble.


  • rlsh07's Avatar
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  • dont know much's Avatar
    157 posts since Jan '07
    • lawyers will understand more, compared to a man in the street(like myself) .  Anyone can  help?

  • Queen of sgForums
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    • as long as no conflict
      or disclose company secrets to your clients
      cannot fight biz with ur company or try to lure clients from company to u
      cannot make use of your company's clientele base and details to solicit biz for urself

  • aremeis's Avatar
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    • Not really, it all depends on the contract.

      Some firms does not allow their staff (Full/Part Time) to be involved in the same line of work with other companies. As I have mentioned before, we need to see the details of the contract in question.

  • xavier1979's Avatar
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    • Post the contract clause that you think will most likely get you into trouble here.

      Someone out there should have an answer.

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