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broke up with gf of 3 yrs

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    • Originally posted by so lost:

      Hi all,
      My girlfriend of three years broke with me about 1 week ago,have been feeling lost and would like to seek advice…...

      When she knew me 3 years ago, she already knew i have a son from my previous marriage and she had acepted doted on him like her own.But the thing is i haven’t file for divorce till now.She had waited for me for three years and now she said she is tired…..

      we had cut off all contacts for now,i know that she still loves me but she says she need to use logic instead of her emotions to think this time.
      Do you think that once women’s mind is made up ,its impossible to salavage the suitation?

      Am feeling so lost right now…

      Yeah it seems that she made up her mind. I have never come across woman who changes her mind on matters of relationships unless its about buying groceries.

      Anyway, there are dating agency you can try to meet more people.


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