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    • I am kindof lost in my life. I have a poly diploma in marine engineering which I did not use it to apply for job, end up I am currenly doing a totally different industry. I have had my other dreams which is music. I learnt violin and take theory course hoping to become a music teacher someday and that is my backup plan in case I lost my job unexpectedly. I ‘struggle’ and managed to pass up to grade 6 for my practical and grade 5 for my theory. I am in my thirties and am not young anymore. I realise that I am always wasting my money and time by not practising my instrument and so my learning does not improve. I decided to take a break to save my money. I looked around and see people taking part time degree in SIM and I really envy them. I suddenly feel that why I just cannot be like other people. In the end, they have a degree but me? I am just like going round and round and eventually still at the same place. I took up accounting before only to give up after a few lessons.
      I see my sister who has signed up for design course, which is her desired field of study and I am kindof jealous as I used to be a confident and thought I have paved my way for the future for myself. My sister told me to learn while still young and to learn what you really are interested in. This I already know long time ago. haizz. But somehow, now, I am kindof lost, lost interest in many things. I have the urge to take up courses with certifications but where should I go? I am sick of taking accounting again. I want a degree but I have not saved enough money yet. Really lost. What should I do?

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    • borrow money for your studies (bank,family,friends) or you can try applying for a job with your relevant diploma to save up money.Why not try talking to several lecturers and share with them a little about yourself,maybe they can evaluate which degree course best suits you. With all this in mind,go for a degree. Don't give up music,take it as a form of leisure. Alright,if possible you can also give music lessons if you are not able to get into the job you want with your diploma 

      Just my two cents

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    • This is just my opinion, but I think you have the wrong expectations for each of the fields you tried to get into. Just because a particular field interests you doesn't mean you would naturally enjoy doing it. Regardless of interest, taking up a career in anything involves a lot of pain and hard work, so much so that you might often wonder why the field interested you in the first place. If I were you, I would just stick to something you already have, be it marine engineering or music, and work hard at it even if you feel like you've lost interest in it. You might also want to keep in mind that some fields are harder than others to succeed in, such as music. 

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    • It sounds like there is nothing wrong with your position now.
      You got a diploma. You got a job.

      Playing violin is a hobby. Few get to professional player level. Even less get to coach.

      Accountancy is for beginners. When you finish your degree you still need to undergo traineeship to be a qualified accountant. Nobody is going to hire a 30 year old as a trainee. Your mentor will be much younger than you.

      The design course is for the talented. You should know by now are you talented in design. Besides, you don’t need a degree to be a renounced designer.

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    • Do not take accountancy. Even after you graduate, it takes like 10 years before you reach managerial stage.

      Why don't you go into marketing? This is a sure way of succeeding. You don't need to be highly qualified to be successful, you just need to be good at promoting stuff. I have a friend who failed his accountancy degree, but ventured into marketing line. Today, he is more successful than any of us, he drives a BMW and earns 20k + a month.


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    • So basically, you are saying that what is the point of living this life if it will eventually end.

      We bother so hard with life searching for happiness, love and achievement, even though one day we are just going to lose everything. Seriously what is the point? Why do we bother? 

      - The point is that at the end of the day we say, that we lived and took advantage of this life. We bother searching for love or achievement, and searching for happiness because that is part of our human nature, and if our human nature did not include these, this life wouldn't have moved on. Life revolves around what we the humans want.

      Our "wanting" to succeed and wanting to live is what makes this life go on. If no one really bothered to live or to search for love (which is not even possible because like we said that is the human nature) then their would be no such thing as memories, no such thing as someone being a doctor or a scientist or anything, and basically no life!


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    • I'm from the marine industry! if you have your ticket, maybe you can consider going to sea? the pay is not bad and that it is a good way to save up for your eventual degree. 😊 don't wait for changes to happen buddy. if you want smth, you have to go and get it. good luck!

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    • some even worse examples i can tell you.

      not really into learning anything nevermind. old already on leg in coffin so wanna spend all the money and relive those 'rich' days. jialat money all spedn already still the other leg cannot go into coffin becasourse hell also dont want her. ended up after spending her share of the so called 'money' from sold flat, say her son took all the money away, nevermind after husband died happy spend all his insurance and cpf monies go a few thousand dollars haircare becasue dont want to look like hair drop and grey hair want to be eternally youthful like the dragon maiden series drama she use to see many years ago, spend thoursand dollars on what makeover and silly photoshoots, dont want to wake up to reality, then the cpf and ins monies all spend now try something new like taking away house keys and feign sick ill months dont return home.


      wrong move, never learn very worng move.


      failures in life comes in many pattern, wanna die die elsewhere dont make other people life so difficult!

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