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25yo still virgin am i a loser ?

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    • Girls prefer guys that are clean and not have sex with many other girls already. If just goes to show that you treasure your first time, and you want it to be a special someone who means alot to you. 

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    • sound like a loser....talks like a loser.....smells like a loser.....yeah....ur a loser

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    • its a society perceived idea that one must NOT be a virgin. so everyone blindly sees that as the norm.

      just be happy with yourself and be glad that you are someone unique and different and not like everyone out there.


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    • The world teaches that you need to lose your virginity asap but I think you should save it up for your marriage.

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    • As long as you are happy with who you are, it doesn't matter if the others like it.  In the long one, your would rather be with someone who respects and appreciates your decisions in life.  For those who don't, you shall not waste your precious time convincing them.

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    • If you are pressured by the standards of your peers, then I suggest you should find new friends. It shouldn't be your objective to "lose" it. 

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