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Salvage? Or move on?

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  • jojobeach's Avatar
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    • Nic, please start a new thread on AA.

      ANyway... my two cents... Love does not resolve issues. If there's problems in your relationship, you deal with it. 

      Smothering her with your love does not make her problems go away. 

      If she's already buried with her studies, the last thing you want to do is add more burden to her life. 

      A good relationship is one that enhance, add value, supports. Bring out the best of each other. Not use each other as a clutch for your own short coming.

      There's too much on both of your plates right now. 

      Don't let your insecurity suffocate her.

  • Malu Siao's Avatar
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    • As a man, I don't get your story. But nevermind, just move on. Don't waste your time and his time. He will find what belongs to him and you too. A perfect mismatch at the start.

  • drx's Avatar
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    • To TS

      every end of a relationship we have something to learn and reflect on, so that when we go into a new relationship we will not make the same mistake.

  • minxzhu's Avatar
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    • quarreling is just a step to know each other more. but if someone can say breakup so easily, it dont see how serious he is treating this relationship. haha

  • chooyaochuen's Avatar
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    • Sad to hear of breakups.

      Even more sad to hear your story; which is due to a typical boy-girl misunderstanding and selfishness. You gotta learn to be more open and not let little things get in the way.

      Good luck. 

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