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  • Ex-ExPat's Avatar
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    • Hi all, 

      Hope someone can help. Need to collect some money owed to me by current expat earning big money living dream life in Singapore.. Owes me $10k, what should I do?

  • drx's Avatar
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    • 1) any legal documents that show that the person loan you the money?

      2) Sent fax or email to his company and boss with his picture demanding payment for the debt.

  • WongFT's Avatar
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  • Ex-ExPat's Avatar
    12 posts since Nov '14
    • Thanks for comments!

      I do not have a legal document or agreement, but do have lots of emails of me asking for my money and this person saying they will pay me. Email goes on for over 1 year, so now I know he won't pay.

      I loan the money to him as he was a friend at the time, but he just con me...


      I thinking debt collection agency, but they want moeny up from for no guarantee, I need better option

  • chooyaochuen's Avatar
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    • Have you tried asking him for the money?

      You could lodge a police report based on the emails you have.....

  • Ex-ExPat's Avatar
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    • I have asked him MANY times, for over a year....

      Do you think the police will do anything?

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