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Girlfriend ask me to choose between her and my female friend

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    • Originally posted by TWTim:

      It's hard to choose between two ppl close to you and I don't think it's right for your gf to make you choose but on the other hand if you really did love her you would give up your friendship. So ask yourself 'do you really love your gf so much that you would give up every friendship with a girl you have?' bc I don't think this will be the last friendship you'll have to break for her 

      Makes sense. I also feel that this won't be the last time. But I am also sure I won't make new girl-friends when I have a gf. I made this girl-friend when I was single..

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    • Exactly. The only reason why you have that friend was because you didn't have a girlfriend yet. You had no one to share your emo with. 

      But now you have a girlfriend, the circumstances has changed. Never let your past hold back your future.

      if that girlfriend's bf wants her to choose between you or him. She'll dump you.

      so don't be too naive and put a friend higher up on the list than your own girlfriend.


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    • I think what you should do is really sit down with your gf and have a good talk about this. Nobody wants to lose a good friend just because of some misunderstanding. I think that your gf would understand if you explained the situation nicely. Also, since you have a gf now, you will need to keep a distance with your BFF, no matter how close you are

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