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Can't decide between ACCOUNTANCY and BIZ (Finance) degree!!!

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  • FrostedBlaze's Avatar
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    • I have been pondering over this question for a year already but I still can't decide what is my choice. How do I be sure which is my ultimate choice?

      Should I be reading uni lecture notes on both subjects and then decide?

      People have been telling me that accountancy is better because it is more 'professional' and specialised. Also, taking accountancy can still allow me to take up business careers, but not vice versa.


      Any insights?

  • Ee Hoe Hean Club's Avatar
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    • Accountacy can earn a lot of money but the work is boring. If you can tahan, go for accountacy. The finance degree is not that stable and may be hard to find work.

  • JAEsayshello's Avatar
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    • Accountancy is gives you better security but finance would probably pay better. It all boils down to what you value, job security or higher pay that comes along with low job security. ;)

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    • Accountants' job is to account, where do the money come from and where it goes, approvals procedures adhered to or not, especially for non budgetted payments. You need to be meticulous, attend to details, can be boring, long hours. Unless you do external audit, you are only dealing with your own company people. It suits you, if you like desk job, don't want to deal with too many funny people.

      Business (finance) is a totally different study, you run a business, manage money, take risks, ....

      go to the universities and find out what the subjects are all about, and see what you like and what suit you.

  • SJS6638's Avatar
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    • If you love figures very much   ..... accountancy

      Long long hours for job of accountant and auditors.      No day ..... no night when preparing for financial year end.

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