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I think my good friend likes me.

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    • High chance she likes you. Maybe she thought clubbing would be a good way to get close hhaha. She and her bf probably talked alot about you thus when they saw u with another girl theyre like wth 

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    • But do you like her too? She got chance anot? Anyway that was half a year ago alr. any updates on wat's the status now?

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  • ANGSTYNANCY's Avatar
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    • if shes a good friend, you can talk to her about the situation lah. that you noticed  her actions when her friend touch touch you. 

      also, doesnt mean if she jealous, she like or "want to be with you". so dont really sum up ideas to that. and dont even mention or ask her if she likes you. cuz that will also create tension or make things uncomfortable.

      a platonic friendship is not easy, but who knows, if its fated for you guys to date, then why nt give it a try. so far, i realise if you get in relationship with a fellow friend, freidnship wont be the same anymore.. cuz love and frienship totally different. 

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    • sometimes thinking too much lead to misunderstanding which also lead to break up of friendship haha don't think too much instead listen to the words

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