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    • hi guys,i am a super retarded piece of shit that got himself into a credit card debt of 12000SGD,i am currently a student and working to start paying these debts off.

      i am willing to do anything for anyone to help settle this bill for me,i am even willing to offer anyone to cut off any finger of mine of your choosing for 5000SGD per piece.

      I need help, i know i am stupid but i am desperate now. Please help in anyway. Reply here please...

      May i rot in hell if i am lying..

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      Credit Counselling Singapore (CCS)
      Call 6225 5227 (9am to 6pm from Mondays to Friday).

      • To promote a better informed and responsible borrowing society through better credit management skills and knowledge
      • To assist debt distressed individuals with credit counselling and facilitating debt restructuring with their creditors

      Very often, consumer who has a debt problem feels very alone. He tends to keep the debt problem to himself, not wanting anyone to know because he is likely to feel ashamed, silly, guilty, loss of pride or worry about losing his job. As a result, the debt problem grows bigger, the stress level becomes higher, work performance is affected, relationships turn tense and subsequently, the individual may become depressed and suicidal thought may began to arise. 


      CCS is a non-government-link organisation and a registered charity.  Unlike other debt advisors, CCS is not driven by profit. CCS has been helping people with an unsecured consumer debt problem in Singapore through education and debt repayment plan since 2004.


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    • If you don't have income proof to the bank, I doubt you can apply for highest credit limit card in the first place. Anyway either you can discuss with the bank if you can pay the credit card by installment or you can apply for 'Repayment Assistance Scheme'.

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    • You don't have proper job or stable income, how come bank allow you to have credit card?

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