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How to get over a loved ones's death?

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    • there is no such thing as getting over it

      u will just live with it



      u may try to occupy urself (keep urself busy, pick up a new hobby, hang out with frens) so u have less time to think abt it

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    • thank you for the advice.

      has been struggling these few days after attended his funeral wake...

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    • FireIce is right. You don't get over someone's death. You will just learn to live with it.

      Think of it this way:

      Scars don't heal, they fade.

      It's a journey, not a destination, a process, not a point. It consistently "gets" better, but doesn't ever "get" better, in that you're not ever going to reach a place where you'll be able to look backward and go "phew, that was rough, I'm glad it's over."

      PAIN, just like a scar WILL fade in time.  

      Be strong. Love. Cry. Laugh. LIVE.



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    • I lost my grandfather last year. The pain doesn't go away but somehow you will be able to overcome it. Your grandfather will continue to live in your heart so stay strong :) make him proud!


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    • It's normal to grieve when you lost someone near and dear. Find a friend or family's member to share the lost, you'll feel much better. When you feel down, look back at the happy memories you have had with your grandfather. In addition, trust yourself that he is watching you from above, and the last thing he wanted to see is your sadness.

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    • What hurts most is the lost of your parents. But somehow, in due time you will used to it and live daya by day without them by your side. It is a test on how you can go along even without them.

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    • My 爷爷 passed away five years ago because of Tuberculosis, as he was hopitalised for stage four stomach cancer.

      Until now, once a while, I think of him, as if he is still around.

      What to do? This is a part and parcel of life. 人生短短几十年。Every one of us will die.

      I do not know about your grandfather, but my 爷爷 has been on medication for 糖尿病 and 高血压, at least for as long as I know him.

      Well, on the bright side, he no longer has to suffer.

      尽管哭出来吧。Cry it out. You will feel better after a while.

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    • thank you guys for sharing your experience and how u have overcome this period

      one thing for sure is it takes time to heal just like how you guys mentioned...

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    • It is never easy to get over the death of loved ones.  Was having depression after the death of loved one.   It's painful.   

      Hope you find the best way to overcome.   One of the best ways is sharing with others.

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    • wasnt ever close with my grandparents except one, who died when i was ard 9. so many years passed, still aches sometimes. just rmb them as they were, how much they loved you and know that they know you love them too. sometimes the pain comes when u least expect it to, but know that everytime it comes, and u overcome it, u get stronger. with that said, im gonna get a tattoo of something that reminds me of my grandma to rmb her, and keep her with me, on my body and in my heart. hope it hurts less for u now! 

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    • just keep him in your prayers.. life is just a transition.

      its not easy to let go, but we, the living as to move on with our own lives. 

      stay positive! and payers to God will keep you at peace.

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    • My condolences,


      I lost mine but at least he passed on peacefully at the age of more than 80+ while being tortured by stroke for more than 3 years.


      All I can believe that they eventually went to a better place, and continue my life. So should you

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    • sorry to heard that.

      I'd like to share my story of mine too.

      lost my grand pa 2 years ago...and I always think that he going on retirement trip and I will meet him again while I'm retired.

      I'm also think like this with my friends and relatives who get a call back to heaven.

      keep strong and waiting...until we meet again....


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    • My sister-in-law passed away just 2 weeks ago. What everyone said above were right, you have to learn to live with it. After my sister-in-law's death, i started to accept christ. and people in church tells me that my sister-in-law is now in Heaven with God, and one day i will see her again (my sister-in-law is christian). This brought me alot of comfort. 

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    • close friend of mine just passed away last sunday night... he committed suicide. 


      has been a v hard time for me. i think one important thing is to be able to cry it out, as crazy as it seems. crying really helps, it helps to relieve stress. i also have a book where i write letters to my deceased friend. 

      coping with grief is self defined... just do whatever makes you feel good, and rmb that ur granddad will always be with you, in your memories and in ur heart 

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    • I lost my grandparents, my mom because cancer. talk about it help. I visited their grave annually. I have 3 kids so it keep me busy, but I believe if we remember who already left us, its a blessing to remember. just dont be sad. i think they will like it if you happy and smiling. love the memories. 

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