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Should I break up with my boyfriend?

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    • We get along well and he is loving and affectionate.He have a very busy schedule but he still puts in effort to see me which I am thankful. We live far apart and attend different school. I am 18 and he is 20. He has goals and ambitions which is a total turn on, intelligent, pamper me with treats and send me off home. He was sweet and playful at times which I am totally fine with it. 

      But the things that I dont like about him is that he don't really initiate a plan, it will have to be always me deciding where to hang out and eat, he used to be a mega player last time- he confessed that he make-out with more than 40 girls, he described himself as persuasive and use it only when he benefits, he is incredibly dirty-minded and makes dirty jokes, when I retaliate him back a little for his comment, he will be pissed and will give rude reply and blame me for over-thinking, he thinks negatively too like he say he is going to die soon because he has a heart problem, he is attractive and popular with girls and it makes me insecure at times, he still uses tinder where I check his online status , he don't really text me that much nowadays and he said he was busy with work, he has raging hormones and wanted to touch me in public and it makes me uncomfortable sometimes. We are both virgins btw and he was my first serious boyfriend- we dated for 6 weeks.

      One incident that really affected me is the time when I went to his house and he just forced himself on me like a jungle cat, grinding me, making out with me, touch my boobs and butt where all i wanted was to cuddle with him. I got so grossed out when he *** on my thighs.  I got really tired of his sexual desires but I wasn't mad about him because I was into him a lot.

      I feel like he is saying "I'll do what I wants to" just like what I "did" to other girls. If he is not willing to respect me and change his immaturity, I dont think I can go on with this.

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    • Your boyfriend comes across as someone who is self-centred and has little respect for you. You know deep down inside that you would be better off without him but yet you carry on the relationship like he's the best boyfriend in the world. Stop kidding yourself and dump him like a ton of bricks. It's obvious he's just interested to get inside your skirt and add you to his list of girlfriends-successfully-laid. You are still young, and there's plenty of time to look for a better boyfriend - someone who loves you with respect. Don't fall for the first guy who shows you some interest. Get to know more guys by widening your circle of friends. Good luck!

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    • Sexual advances is normal, but should be done properly.

      From what I read, he forced himself onto you which is very bad. He has no respect towards you.

      Do not mix love and like.

      I like a girl because she is beautiful. But I love a girl with no reason at all.

      Ask yourself, do you love him or like him? Likewise, does he love you or just like you? Additionally, he needs to change.

      If he really loves you, he should have respected you.

      Sexual advances, making advances is common based on our own perspectives. Everyone enjoys it. 

      I might not be able to tell you to break up or not, but I suggest a "break up".

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    • You clearly already know the answer to your own question. He seems to be physically attracted to you, but that's it. Don't confuse this attention and lust for you as love. You're still so young, don't waste your time and life on someone that you know doesn't respect you or women in general.

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    • Love is about respect. If he cannot respect you and then what is the sense of staying in that relationship for long.. When said he have been on girls for enjoyment does not make him a gentleman at all and does not need to be reciprocated with the same love you have for him. I say search your heart if it is real love or just the chasing game. Remember: you cannot change a person of who he is.

      You are still young and will make new relationships with other boys who will make you feel respected and important. Do not make up your mind of marrying him, because if that is the way he acts by the time that he is still your boyfriend how much more when it comes to marrying him. You cannot undo what decision you gave.

      No matter how much we say here, the decision will still be yours.

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    • First you are 18. Go for your future first meaning put your focus on your study first. Have a stable job and a decent income. Then starts looking out. I am very sure it wouldnt be too late and you wouldn't regret it.

      If he really loves you, he would have respected you. So I would suggest you to give up on him.

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    • For your advice, consider it thoroughly. If you still continue with him may be you will hurt yourself. Let him go may be a better way for you. Because he didn't respect you. It can't denied that every guy got the sexual desire but it also need to depend on the girl. If the girl don't want then can't force. Love must be accommodate to each other.

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    • I'm pretty sure you know the answer to that. Asking stranger like us is just a way to justify what you're thinking is right. Do what you feel is best for you.

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    • please don't expect a 20 year old boy with raging hormones to act matured and "back off" sexually... he will probably dump you when he realised that he cannot get sexual gratification from you.

      i say he will probably, and highly possible find the next willing pussy that comes along his way... sorry i sound crude. i was like that when i was 20... freaking as*hole... always looking for the next available pussy...

      so in advice against people like me; move on gal. stay and be hurt.

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    • No guy should do that to a girl. Until he can learn to respect you, you need to keep your distance from him, for the sake of your own sanity. 

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    • You know in you heart what you want for a man, do you think you can live with that kind of person? You decide and better do it early coz you might regret later.

      Respect and love should go together to have a harmonious relationship without the other will not work.



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