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Ex-BF apologized ?!

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    • Background : He actually woo me back then when i was in my poly but i didnt accept him. And we lost contact after graduation. But we happen to reconnected last year and got together But broke off a month later. Because he was very busy with work and i have trusting issue. mind ran wild and i kinda of pressue him into breaking up by saying if he dnt luv me let me go. And he did it.


      we were on cold zone for 2 -3 month. And suddenly he started to msg me for the last 3 month. He mentioned he doesnt want to lose a close friend. He would message me on alternate night before bed to chat with me. 

      Apologize to me recently during a meet up. 

      but he made no question to ask for patch back, now i am not sure if he want me back or remain as friend ? 

      He did hint that we made a good bend to be together. And he also mentioned couple of time that i am a nice girl that he felt sorry for making me insecure. 


      I am lost ! Does he want me back ? What is he holding back ?

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    • Everything add on to a little. He was so busy that he would leave immediately after a movie with me to meet his friends. Although i given him the green light, but how do i said no when he ask ? haiz

      He was always tired during weekend, otherwise he would only meet me in the wee hours. 

      these boil down my patient. And was feeling very insecure it seems to me he is having another gf. But in recent meetup he tried to explain every details down, and i understand its his job nature and my insecurity causes this. But after his apologize and explain he make no further action to ask for patch up. 

      He remain sweet by always messaging me almost every night. now i am lost.. 

      i am afraid to be hook on to his message and start feeling for him. then tell me, we are friends :(

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    • I would say he doesn't know what he is doing and is stringing you along, not necessarily that he did it on purpose, but he clearly doesn't love you enough to be together with you. Now it's your choice to stay or leave, you can't force him to love you as much as you love him, you can only control what you do. Go with your gut feelings, if you love him and you think you can't find another man better than him, you can stay, it's going to be hard, but it's not unlikely to work out. If you don't want to have a hard life, there is alway plenty of fish in the sea.

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    • Darling, I think its natural for guys to realize what they've lost once they're gone. He probably missed you and how much you guys bonded. Maybe he realized that you were someone who actually meant something to him and he doesnt want to lose you and trying to make things up with you. But just dont get yourself too caught up on it or you'll lose it x

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    • Ultimately it's your choice and no one has a say in anything you want or not want to do.

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