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Feeling hopeless and I can't see any way out of my situation

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    • Princessisland-  all the people here have good intentions, even if their advise may not go down well with you.  You sound angry, and you must have a right to be as you talk about 'abuse' and we dont know what you suffered.

      Someone suggested you see a mental health professional and i agree- this is so that you can vent to a qualified person.  I am not 'selling' my services to you, but I am a therapist who also has been a client.  I grew up in a very dysfunctional home and had to have many years of therapy - until i became one and even as one, i STILL see a therapist because  your friends and family can never give you the kind of listening ear that a professional can. 

      I also dont think talk therapy helps a lot, you should see someone who does one or more of the following:


      Art/sandplay/Somatic Experiencing, Gestalt etc.  The reason for this is so that the emotions in your body get a chance to 'move' whereas in CBT- its all just in the head.

      Take small steps, if you cant afford a private therapist, go the free ones offered by the Family Service Centres.

      Also, do some relaxation exercises- so many available on the internet.

      Small things to bring some balance to your mind and body.  Eat healthy, less electronic devices esp before bed... and less eyes on the device when walking outside.  Put the phone in the bag and instead observe what is happening in your surroundings.

      Do one thing different for one week,-- eg if you brush your teeth with your right hand, use your left hand for the next one week.




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    • Originally posted by Jamiemoh83:

      what is asexual?

      In Biology asexual reproduction is when an organism can reproduce without having sex (crude interpretion). Like for example a plant just drop its leave and low and behold it grows into a plant. But I guess in the thread starters case...asexual would mean devoid of feeling to seek out partners to initiate sexual reproduction.

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    • Hi
      I cant seem to find an active topic on shop lifting. Asking on behalf, my friend has 2 previous shop theft records. 1st she was let off with a warning in 2006. 2nd time in 2010 she was fined ard 1k plus. She got caught again recently. She offered to settle but the shop still wanted to pursue the case. She has to meet the IO on 17 Jan 2017. She is unemployed since May 2016 and was unsuccessful in getting jobs. She stole because she was desperate to feed her 7yr old daughter. Husband was also retrenched in March and was unsuccessful in getting jobs. Any advice is deeply appreciated. Serious ones please thank you.

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    • Try to talk things out and tell them how you feel. You can arrange couselling sessions with your families and have a counseller to talk things out with your family. Your family seems to be biased against you, has been like these since you were young? 

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    • Hey, don't worry.

      You are not alone in this world.

      Is there a counsellor at a FSC (Family Service center) that you can talk to?

      Do stay strong!



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    • Princess Sis,that is life..

      Try to find out WHY?Think from they perspective & why they did that.

      If there is no answer, and you are able to fend on your own, leave.
      But as times go by, the cruel world in Sg could be more crazy then what you are facing right now..Many wear mask or plasterstine face.

      Maybe stop giving $ to them, no doing stuffs you always do? Could be they are used to it and feel "take you for granted"?

      But again, parents, no matter wat shit or rubbish, they still ur mother & father.

      You can dun believe me,but i hv seen ppl going through more rubbish then you..and have friends far worst then the life you are having now.

      Add oil x2..

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    • you are just 25 yrs old and you are complaining about hopeless life...

      treasure that you have parents and family members around to nag you, they have their choice to say, you have your choice to take their words.

      try to develop some friendships, sometimes you just have to learn to grow up..

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