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I caught my husband cheating .. He don't have any remorse.

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    • Protect yourself and your children. Get the evidence of his relationship. You need it in court if you want to fight for alimony. Check with a lawyer on your options. 

      You need to know that even if you don't do anything, your Husband can still initiate a divorce. In the worst case, the other woman may do things to hurt your kids. In my case, my dad's woman called my house when I was young and told me to get out of the house with my mum. That really hurt me for a very long time. 




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    • Are you able to support ur kids? If yes, then you can consider leaving. If no, try go counselling to resolve issue. If that dun work,and he refuses to drop the bitch and stick with you,  then gut the bastard for all he is worth. You need the moolah to support your kids. Do not let this go, many women have lost everything cos their stupid hubby shacked up with sum stupid whore. Ultimately at end of day, marriage and kids boil down to $$$.. if he dun got the commitment to stick with you, might be better you leave.

      Remember, you have t make him commit on paper o support you and the kids. No need get emotional abt this, this is business. I mean, he got you pregnant n you got two kids. Des he wanna stick this out with you or not? He got to pay the price lor.

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    • As long as you have text conversation or any prove of him cheating you can file for divorce under adultary. With this you can get a lawyer to fight for a good amount of alimony, plus you have kids you can ask for monthly few thousand (hope he is earning well). Then you can relax take money and enjoy your life with your kids.

      the initial divorce phase gonna be hard but better to break free and pursue happiness than stay in unhappy marriage.

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    • ya agree with kissbunny... if no evidence ur husband can argue for divorce on other grounds, or maybe not give u any alimony.

      So to prevent this from happening, its best to get evidence and professional legal advice. Do update us on the case :)

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    • Have you thought about having an open relationship, where both of you happily date other people while within your marriage?

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