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Advice on courting this girl

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  • Silek's Avatar
    9 posts since Jan '17
    • You mentioned you and her've got common interests. Sounds like a good starting point :)

  • Kayenne's Avatar
    21 posts since Feb '17
    • are you already friends with her? try to be close friends first. But remembe to take it slow

  • Albertchan659's Avatar
    9 posts since Feb '17
    • build up your inner confidence, and approach her like a man.

      99% of the battle is won if u can manage this.

  • Jerysleary's Avatar
    5 posts since Aug '13
    • Bro, confidence is key in dealing with these sort of situations. Looks may play a part at first, but ultimately your personality will be the one that wins her over. Seeing as you two have common interests, why not explore them together? (perhaps as a date?) I would advise that anything you want to say or ask, you do in person though. That's just what I personally prefer, but hey to each their own. I have some friends who are attached to their current girlfriends now because they were texting buddies, so you never know!

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  • Mugen Benoit4real's Avatar
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    • dressed up as bunny to amuse her I did that before and she kiss me brotha and I would ask her this question next: https://youtu.be/b-4SP-ig8bM?t=1m59s

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  • Rosco's Avatar
    3 posts since Apr '17
    • Nothing beats sincerity...  =)  Be a gentleman. be consistent. be affectionate. =)  

      Best of luck brother. Keep up posted. We hope she would appreciate you too as much as you appreciate her.

  • lucusking's Avatar
    11 posts since Apr '17
  • Adriw7878's Avatar
    64 posts since Apr '17
    • Aiyoh, unker read so many similar threads and I am surprised we are living in 21st century Singapore?

      Here are my 2 cents advice to younger folks in the forum ...

      1. If girl give you her number means she expect you to contact her.

      2. If shy to make 1 on 1 contact. Nvm ... get another couple she knows to go for a meal or coffee. Make sure a nice or famous joint ... not your HDB food court. Chat some more to see if you really like to know her more or can progress further.

      That's all. Good luck.

  • PeterParker1's Avatar
    33 posts since May '17
    • Ask her out to coffee, or tea.  Most girls don't mind going out and just chat and hang out.  It's not the end of the world if she rejects or says no.  Most girls worry that no one ask them out as well.  

  • Redvelvett's Avatar
    14 posts since Sep '15
    • Crack jokes to make her laugh, show ur serious side by helping her when needed but not too obvious lahh rmb to maintain ur cool ma hahah

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  • Fabiangoh22's Avatar
    11 posts since Jul '17
    • Most important thing is that you 2 can get along, just be patient with how things are going, but make sure to confess to her 2 weeks after you feel that she got a hint of how u are feeling towards her ..

  • Herkkie's Avatar
    1 post since Jul '17
    • Hmmm, I guess just continue to be yourself and gentlemanly? There is an effect in psychology known as the "mere exposure effect". Just be present :)

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