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Advice on courting this girl

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  • Silek's Avatar
    9 posts since Jan '17
    • You mentioned you and her've got common interests. Sounds like a good starting point :)

  • Kayenne's Avatar
    21 posts since Feb '17
    • are you already friends with her? try to be close friends first. But remembe to take it slow

  • Albertchan659's Avatar
    9 posts since Feb '17
    • build up your inner confidence, and approach her like a man.

      99% of the battle is won if u can manage this.

  • Jerysleary's Avatar
    5 posts since Aug '13
    • Bro, confidence is key in dealing with these sort of situations. Looks may play a part at first, but ultimately your personality will be the one that wins her over. Seeing as you two have common interests, why not explore them together? (perhaps as a date?) I would advise that anything you want to say or ask, you do in person though. That's just what I personally prefer, but hey to each their own. I have some friends who are attached to their current girlfriends now because they were texting buddies, so you never know!

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    13 posts since Apr '17
  • Mugen Benoit4real's Avatar
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    • dressed up as bunny to amuse her I did that before and she kiss me brotha and I would ask her this question next: https://youtu.be/b-4SP-ig8bM?t=1m59s

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  • Rosco's Avatar
    3 posts since Apr '17
    • Nothing beats sincerity...  =)  Be a gentleman. be consistent. be affectionate. =)  

      Best of luck brother. Keep up posted. We hope she would appreciate you too as much as you appreciate her.

  • lucusking's Avatar
    11 posts since Apr '17
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