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Where do I go from here? (Work & School)

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    • Hi, 

      I'm a 22 year old who is studying part time for my degree at unisim and is currently unemployed.

      My last contract job ended in March and I found another job through an agent that is totally unrelated to my field of interest during May and took it up plainly for the sake of money but only lasted for 2 weeks as I realised it was a poor-job fit and the working environment was toxic so I left.

      I have tried applying over 100 jobs (no kidding) since then & managed to only secure 3 interviews but none of which offered me a job, so just like any other normal human being (with multiple issues to handle at that time), I started doubting my value, self-worth and my self esteem and confidence started taking a dip. 

      Right now, it’s nearly a month and I feel the desperation and confusion whether I should continue applying and waiting for a job that is related to my field of studies or to just grab any office hour job just for the sake of money? 

      My concern is if i'm doing something related, I could continue working there even after getting my degree and opt for a higher pay. However if I chose to grab some other unrelated job, I would have to start from scratch after getting my degree and temp jobs would be disruptive for my studies if I have to continuously source for new jobs over and over again. But I’m growing impatient!

      Also, I am actually questioning myself constantly the past few months if I've made the right decision to take on part time studies and this 4 years course considering the fact that I'm already 22 and hopefully if everything goes smoothly, graduate by 26. I don’t wanna be starting from scratch when I’m at that age, it scares me to know I don’t have a secure and stable job by then?

      Appreciate constructive advice/opinions, thanks!

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