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    • I suggest you to analysis your application record at first!

      Do your recieve enough invitation to have a interview?

      This is the biggest problem.

      Not the number of your application.

      Your problem is if your application is valid or not?

      If yours are valid.

      Go on.

      If not.

      Go back to see if your apply to the right position.

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    • must be One decent job got 1000 over people apply...as our population is about 6.5 millions leh. 

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    • Can you share your resume? Take off your personal info.

      Also, take any job you can, until you get the job you want. Life is not fair, you gotta work at it. 

      Finally, is your field flexible enough for you to take freelance work on? Will help with building contacts, show that you are keen on working, and create an income stream for you. 

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    • Bros, since this thread is about jobs, I'm hiring!

      Just looking for One Person, prefer local Singaporean or PR.

      Role is for a Digital Marketing Manager with 3-4 years of experience.

      Salary in the $4k/month range. One Year Contract. Company is an MNC.

      Person will work for me, I am conducting all interviews, so my criteria is very simple. 

      1) Some experience. Obviously I am not looking for 10 yrs experience at that salary. 3-4 years at an entry to junior manager level is fine.

      2) ATTITUDE: If you're one of those sarcastic, negative people who complains about every little thing, good luck to you. I am looking for positive, hardworking, passionate people. If you're goal oriented, willing to take on responsibility, no drama, no complaining, then we can talk.

      3) Attention to details: Very important. This is a marketing role. You will be helping me to manage budgets, agencies, campaigns, special promos and partner relations. 

      No Travel. Office is near Serangoon. It is an MNC. If you're good at your job, there is possibility of contract renewal and possibly perm role. 

      This is a salary based role, so no commisions or anything like that. 

      If you're interested, message me and I will give you my email address for you to send over your resume. Please note, I am a tough interviewer, so look at points 2 and 3 very carefully. 

      Looking forward to your resumes. 

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    • pick up a new skill and be open to overseas?  our qualifications get obsolete so fast here...before entering uni market lack of talent. after 3 yrs graduate now market oversupply...  ugly.png

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    • You got 100 resumes - did you get any interview?  One good strategy is to follow up with the interviewer if you did not qualify.  Proactively ask them what you need to do to qualify for this role in the future.

      This landed me a job.

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    • I am looking for jobs too. But just have to keep trying ya? All the best in finding!! :)

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    • Will you be keen to join a Direct Selling Programme launched by a listed company? It's low barrier of entry, fully legit, big brand to support you, good products and fully conducted via ecommerce. PM me just to find out more!

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    • Maybe you can try using the skills future credits to upgrade yourself ? This year has not been a good year in terms of employability.

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