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Random ranting due to friendzoned.

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    • You need to kill me.
      You need to kill that part of me.
      Feels like a death long overdue.
      And I can't do it myself, I tried I tried I tried for over 10 years.
      You need to do it for me.

      Maybe it will be a complete death of me, or maybe it would make me flourish.
      I don't know for sure but I know im crippled with it.
      That part of me that wants you, that craves your attention. Its like an unquenchable thirst. I know I know Its no one's fault for my state. Not yours nor mine. There shouldnt be any guilt on you and no resentment of mine.

      Its just way things are. And I want that part of me to die because on many days, you occupy my thoughts and its weighing me down. 


      Oh god, its so tough for me for these few weeks. New job and Im so fking stressed out. 

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