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Everyone comes to me & tells me their frustrations

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  • Redvelvett's Avatar
    14 posts since Sep '15
    • They trust you although you can tell them directly u need your own space sometimes if u urself have smth that is bothering u alrdy :)

  • PeterParker1's Avatar
    33 posts since May '17
    • are you sure everyone come to you?  or just friends talk to friends about their problems.  everyone chat with their friends about their challenges and issues.  I doubt you are more special than the rest of the human race? :)

  • kengkia's Avatar
    6,447 posts since Aug '04
    • i wonder if universe have purposely let me come in here to see your thread, since i rarely come in here. But hear me out on how what i think; just one sentence, few words.; a potential lightworker that u can become.

  • Mugen Benoit4real's Avatar
    225 posts since Jul '09
    • Originally posted by Mr Milo:

      Why is that people tend to come to me?


      next time you do that in front of them brotha:

      and they will not come to you anymore brotha, I did that and it works like magic brotha or do this also can brotha:

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