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Neighbor getting more annoying

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    • Originally posted by Hayleycharmaine:

      hello guys, can anyone help? im recieved a NTAC for littering. How much averagely does court fine cost?

      why you litter at first brotha? if robbie e found out you litter, he is gonna do this to your ball brotha like what he has done to some idiot:


    • Originally posted by PeterParker1:

      tried talking to him and ask him to stop?  he sounds like he knows he's annoying, but not sure by how far the line he has crossed?

      it is useless brotha, he is like John Cena brotha, never give up brotha

      so if he is John Cena brotha, and you know who am I brotha? I am the immortal Hulk Hogan brotha so it is gonna be John Cena vs. Hulk Hogan in a brawl everywhere hardcore rule last man standing match brotha and you know who the victor is brotha? of course it is me, mean gene because I am inherit from Hulk Hogan brotha and John Cena sucks brotha and if you or anyone is not down with that brotha, I have got three words for ya brotha:

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    • Think that guy is either a siao lang or just wanna play punk... why not you just call the police next time he appears again instead of going to the town council ? 

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