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[Advice needed] Got scammed by unscrupulous scum

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      Hello Singaporeans,

      I just got scammed for a small but not trivial sum of money from a "friend" that I trusted, he borrow $170 from me but never pay back and become uncontactable. Technically, he buy an item from me for $170, but after taking the item he say he no money, and will pay back later during payday. Eventually, he delay and delay, month after month, until one month he just disappear and stop replying. But he's still alive, messing around on Facebook.


      This scumbag scammer's name is Mervyn Tan and his Facebook name is Ahmole Mervyn. His handphone number is 94789974, but I keep messaging him on whatsapp, iMessage, even call him, no reply.



      Seems like new user cannot post proof or images. :/


      It's very irritating, throughout this 3-4 month he pretend to be my friend, gain my trust, tell me about his life (basically he is very despo for girlfriend, single all the while. But seeing his character now, what a scumbag cb he is, well that explains why nobody wants him. A terrible person!), even tell me that his best friend is actually extremely rich, the son of Koufu CEO Mr Pang Lim!! Wow! He tell me about how jealous he is of his friend and always go out with him for his money and to be treated to good things. Damn, I should have smelled a rat about his character when I heard things like this. But I didn't expect he would go so far to outright betray me like this!


      I am currently serving my NS now... when I go in BMT, and come out of BMT, he still have not paid me, in fact gone uncontactable! NS pay so low... like peanuts, and he would still do this to me as a friend, WTF! This scumbag scammer himself ownself working part time job already, while I'm stuck in NS, and he won't do a brother a favour, instead try to scam me who help him so much and give him so many chance. I feel very upset.


      Is there any way I can get my money back from such a low morals singaporean like this? I don't think I can call police, I don't think they can do much.


      I was thinking of trying to contact Koufu CEO and tell him about how his son is mixing up with bad company, but I don't know his son's name, and I can't find it on google. I really don't know what to do, so I come to online forums to ask for help.

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