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Viet girl looking for SG husband

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    • I have a problem I hope can be solved: My Vietnamese single lady friend who is 21 years old is looking for a husband in Singapore. She prefers a guy who is about 30 to about 48 years old and financially stable (no need to be rich.)

      She is 1.6 metres tall, 45 kg, slim & pretty. In my opinion about 8/10 in looks & body.
      She is not fussy & have pleasant disposition. She is easy going & cheerful type.

      Any single guy here keen to find a good wife or have friends/brother to intro, feel free to contact me at konstandy (at) yahoo . com
      If you are looking for a girlfriend or to flirt around, please do not reply.

      Thanks for reading.

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    • Stupid people find stupid place to look for boyfriend? What are the odds of getting something good in forums. Hahahahaha

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    • hohoho

      good luck to her marrying Singaporean

      good luck to him marrying Vietnamese




      (if she eventually found one)

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