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Hey guys can you help me with my Assignment? (Music Related)

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    • Hey guys So i am working on a market research for my band’s assignment and we working on getting your feedback based on our new single called “She Takes Away My Love” (It has explicit content) we play a genre called Garage Rock more similar to plug and play void deck rock

      You can check it out here! http://www.knightingalerock.com/ (Downloadable for free!)

      The Reality and the inspiration behind the song is when one of our band members got cheated by his girlfriend when he was under National Service

      He really had a tough time during the service and he literally broke down when his girl dumped him. During the writing process he would also use Fuck after every sentence when he was pissed etc to vent out his anger.

      So we thought like Hey we can use it as a hook! So here we are now Entertain Us! Hope you guys dig it! and let us know what you feel about the song. It can not only be in relation to cheating, it can also be similar to situations where life gets tough and you want to fucking break shit.
      and if you guys can help do a small survey would greatly help our research.


      Cheers and Thank you so much!

      Regards Ashwin

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