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Continue to listen to Madonna's songs & You'll burn in Hell

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    • Madonna Blasphemes the Word of God!

      The Beast Within? The Book of Revelation? Below are the lyrics to "The Beast Within" remix. 90% of the songs lyrics are directly from the Word of God; yet Madonna showcased the song in her "Girlie Show" tour. What blasphemy! It does not surprise me that someone so despicable and morally bankrupt as Madonna, would blaspheme God by sacrilegiously quoting the Bible in her deplorable Satanic music. Following are the lyrics to both songs...

      Madonna has recently released her album, Rebel Heart. Many of her fans got excited over her singles and immediately got hooked up. However, some of her non-listeners became interested because of one her songs. This is the 'Illuminati'. Illuminati group has been the center of discussion for ages. Those who are members of the said group are puppets of Satan and have made an exchange deal for popularity and money.

      Her clothing, her dance and her dancers received a lot of comments telling that it was an Illuminati show. Based from one source, you can see images of Baphomet alongside with Madonna's. The former is believed to be a symbol of demon.

      Madonna is a part of a demonic or Satanic plan. Some of her songs in the album are also deemed inappropriate, Devil Pray, Joan of Arc and Holy Water to name a few.


      Even church leaders in Singapore expressed concern about Madonna's Rebel Heart concert in Singapore.


      Meanwhile, several Christian and Catholic organisations contacted by TODAY expressed support for the Catholic Church’s stand.

      Faith Community Baptist Church’s Pastor Lawrence Khong said he had written a letter to Archbishop Goh to express his “full support” for its statement. In his letter, Mr Khong, who is also the chairman of LoveSingapore, a network of about 100 churches, said Archbishop Goh has given his “flock sound counsel on the right response to ‘anti-Christian and immoral values promoted by the secular world’”.

      Echoing Mr Khong’s sentiments was Reverend Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian, general secretary of the National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS), who pointed out that the NCCS had already communicated its concerns with the authorities regarding Madonna’s concert in December.

      (I was working as one of the security staff during Madonna's concert and spotted some Christians showing off their faiths by wearing crosses around their necks. They are basically embarassing themselves by telling everyone they worship both God and Satan at the same time. I want to tell you those Christians, I'm sorry. Both light and darkness do not mix. You either choose God and boycott listening to satanic filth or choose to honor Satan by getting hooked to such unGodly music which mock God. Repent or burn in hell for eternity! You've been warned!)

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