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Dating agencies

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    • Hey guys,

      Not sure where to ask this question and also quite embarrased, so I thought I post it here.

      Am 30 this year, never been in relationship before. Last time when I was younger, I used to be those guai-guai type and also very shy around girls, but since a few years ago, I've gotten much much better and can now mingle normally, flirt with girls etc.

      The problem is that at this age, the girls I know are mostly either all attached or married.

      I've a few female friends who are singles, but they're quite unsuitable for me (some is due to personality and a few are 10 - 15 years older than me).

      i'm thinking of going to those dating agencies, but i've a few questions:

      - Usually people going to such agencies, they're those young successful executives with degrees etc.? financially stable but no time for love? because for me, i only have diploma and not those successful execs....my pay less than $2400.

      - If u've gone to these agencies or know of any friend who does, can give me some insight?



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