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Crush on besties

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    • hi guys, i hope someone else have the same problem as mine.. So this is the story.. Everytime i had conflicts with my ex, cold war and etc.. i will look for this bestie to whine all about it.. likewise, she look for me when she quarrel with her bf too.. as time goes by, the friendship feeling somehow mutated.. i have no idea why and i realise i started to fall for her. i shared this with a few closer friends, some say it was fake.. as i just lose a partner, and she is the closest to me.. some say i should try a brand new relationship with her.. i have been borthered for months.. i even distance myself from her, dont know for what just feel like doing it.. maybe some bros or sis could help me with this crisis...i really appreciate..and pardon my poor english i believed i do have a lots of grammer error..thanks

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    • You have 2 choices that is:

      1.Continue to distance

      2.Face up to it

      1>>>It is easier to avoid but the ache last longer

      2>>It is difficult to face up to it but there will be lesser ache(even if you receive negative response from your friends)

      Now,let's weigh the options

      1>>You will not get the girl you truly like.Think about it,she may start to wonder why are you starting to avoid her.However,life may continue as per normal if you forget what happened in years to come?

      2>>You can perhaps,start slow and easy.Perhaps,go to lunch together and chat.Slowly,progress to a date. If she does not expect the date,plan B.You can to push it further to admit it in one shot. It's your choice to consider. As a fellow bro,I know how it feels. A girl wants a guy to admit his love,but a guy has too much pride and wants that too. 

      love.png Take your chance before she finds another bf she can commit to

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