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Sending gf home, and other issues.

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    • There's an issue that recently re-surfaced in my relationship with my gf.

      Sometimes we go out on a date, and when it's time to go home, most of the time I offer to send her back home (via public transport). I like to ensure that she gets home safely. So sometimes when she says that she wishes to go home by herself, I would insist on sending her back, especially when it's late.

      So recently, we had a late night out and I wanted to send her home. She said no, I insisted. Then the argument ensued with her saying that I don't give importance to what she says/wants. 

      To me.. It's all about ensuring that she's safe. I don't restrict her in any much other things. Though on the same logic, I often expressed skepticalism when she says she wishes to go on a solo holiday sometime in the future. Other than that, I do not see myself as being over-protecting etc.

      I think our relationship has some underlying issues, some differences in the way we communicate.. I just hope to straighten them out soon.. 

      Any opinion on how to strike a balance?

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    • She says that she doesnt want/need you to send her home, then why insist and make a big fuss out of it?

      Just ask her to drop you a text or call when she gets home!

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    • think you should know her character by now mai ngia ngia lai back off if she said no respect her choice discuss it other day reasons why you want to send her back& her side of why she don't want you to send her back

      2ndly going oversea alone for holiday ? please show her the movie ' taken' by liam neeson base on true story but don't argue with her let her realise the risk herself OR

      3rdly any other ship come along side ?

    • sorry movie 'taken' the gang is real but liam neeson character is not unless your gf father is former CIA

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