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Why smiling will increase your chances with women.

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    • This post is gonna be a really short one.



      But it identifies the main screw up
      most Singapore guys have, and will always have if they have no friggin consciousness to
      know what they are doing wrong.


      Too many technical analysis in your head, and you find yourself not smiling. And even if you’re smiling, it looks fake and weak.


      Given the many crazy adventures we have had during my night our with clients, this has been proven many a time to be TRUE.


      The successful ones smile a lot. I mean hey, let’s get down to the basic fundamentals man. No amount of theoretical knowledge is gonna help you if you ain’t know how to smile nicely.
      Just how potent can a smile be, with regards to adding any value to the whole interaction with women?


      You lead, they follow. It’s an unconscious thing man. Picture yourself talking to
      someone with screwed up energy level, restless and shits. Man, i’m sure you’ll
      feel screwed up as well. Like, “yucks…wtf is this? I need to get away ..fast!”
      It’s the same for smiling man. You smile, you’re happy, and soon enough she’ll
      be smiling too. I can’t guarantee that she’s gonna respond immediately…that
      really depends on whether you’re as cute as me. ROFL. I’m attached. So ..yea. =)


      It really depends on your delivery and body language though. Lead the
      emotions, and she will feel it, and in turn follow.


      And of course, you smile with limits. You don’t start smiling like a weirdo. A casual non threatening, chill, have fun kinda smile. And in the event that you do meet any uptight women who probably might threaten to rip your manly balls of you when you smile at them, walk away. It happens. Give them the benefit of the doubt. They probably had a bad bad day. Smile at other people who looks less threatening. Strike up a conversation. “Hey, i saw you and i thought you look friendly. My name is..” You get the drift. Have some value in who you approach and talk to. And in turn, you’ll realize you’re building a very respectful bunch of friends.




      Experiment with it.


      Truth is, many people don’t smile.

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