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Is it ok my bf date another girl on 15 feb?

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    • My boyfriend and I had a quarrel recently. We did not celebrate our first valentine's day due to long distance relationship. But he dates his so called platonic friend a girl in the day after valentine's day for dinner from 7pm to 2am.

      Before this I noticed that they are quite close to each other, they even share the same plate of foods. And my boyfriend told me once the girl attempted to be his gf long time ago but he said that she is not his cup of tea.

      After this incident, my trust for my bf have been decreased. Do you believe in platonic friendship?

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    • Yes, platonic friendships do exist. My male best friend has a steady girlfriend. Both of you are entitled to have your own set of friends so go on & widen that circle. Trust and respecting one another is essential. Good luck sweets.

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