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Goodluck Friends Centre Review

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    • hi there,

      just sharing, so that readers can understand the type of segment that goodluck friends centre target for it's clientele.



      This marriage agency / dating agency / matchmaking agency is operated by Horatio Lee. He is an chinese male, probably in his 60s - 70s, who is more comfortable in speaking Mandarin, Hokkien than English ( as natural to the people of his era ).

      They charge a fee ranging from SG$788 - SG$1,488, based on how hard they think it is for them to find a life partner for you. Paying the above, allows you to meet 5 prospective life partners.

      They claim to provide a lifetime matchmaking service, whereby they still arrange a matchmake for you after the 5 initial dates @ SG$25/date. You are supposed to pay SG$25/date for the initial 5 dates too though.



      They have mainly a pool of Singaporean Chinese males clientele, naturally.

      However, being sales-talkers, they would promise you what you like to hear, naturally.

      A girl was looking for PRC Chinese based in Singapore, with PR / Citizenship, she is probably going to adjust to the truth later...



      They have a majority pool of PRC girls on

      1. various work visas, ( think factory assembly-line PRC girl on work permit )

      2. PR / citizens,

      3. student passes,

      However, in order not to turn the male clientele away, they would tell you that they have a majority pool of singaporean ( as in born in singapore ) girls, if you quiz them.

      I have found it to be extremely dodgy, as I wonder if the girls on the student passes are the same girls who moonlight at the entertainment establishments ?



      Their sale process consist of 1 free consultation.

      The free consultation is basically a list where they record down your personal information, as a database for them.

      It also list down your requirements for the prospective date.

      Then, the above is done by one of the pleasant receptionist, who would then arrange for you to meet up with Horatio in his cubicle.

      This is where Horatio would do abit of banter on finding a life-partner, after which he would reveal the costs structure.

      However, if you resist, he would drop the price / installment plans.

      Next, he would show you a folder of girls profile, with pictures attached.

      NOTE : This is the ONLY TIME you would see the folder of girls profile with their pictures.

      You are not allowed to choose the girls from the above, nor would you have any accessibility to it.

      Safely, I would believe the folder is just used as a sales bait for guys, as we tend to be visual oriented creatures.

      Anyway, the never-changing pitch from Horatio Lee to the Male Clients is Males look for Pretty Females, comprising mainly on Face / Figure. He would look for a pretty girl for you.

      The pitch he gives to the Female Clients is Females seek a Financially-Secure Male, who can provide for the family and pay for the household expenses. He would look for someone who earns SG$3k and above for you.


      This is where you would find the whole process unsophistated and simply messy.

      Whatever requirement you have listed, is immediately thrown out of the window.

      They just do a very random matching, which is accorded by the age group and that's it.

      In the process, they do not explain the person's profile accurately, as they do not understand the jobscope / needs of the person well.


      If you are seeking a ex-KTV hostess looking to clean up her life, this is probably an awesome place for you.

      They have got pretty girls on dodgy student-visas / short-term holiday passes, looking to marry a local singaporean male, so that they can convert to the sought-after PR / sg citizen status...

      hope this serves as an insight, which comes useful to prospective clients.


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