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what to say when picking up girl on the street you dont know

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    • I know got other threads regarding picking up girls but would appreciate some advice.

      So today i started to try out to pick up girl but some how whenever i find one i dont know how to go up to her. went to 2 locations today.

      1) Temasek poly. when in to have lunch but since it is holidays most of the people are doing group project and then at the canteen no girls that are alone. So how do i approach them? do i go in and say hi, you look cute, can i have your number when they are dissucing projects? tried at the the TP bus stop also but when they are nomally in pairs. so is it advisable to approach them when they are not alone.

      2) at shopping mall. so after that when shopping mall. found some girls that are cute also. but then they are also in pairs and not alone. Saw one girl with the HTMIG shirt and her course is sort of a simillar couse to mine in TP but dont know how to approach also. End up walking in circle and they notice me walking around them at least 4-5 times. end up give up as i exposed myself too much. So even if i am spotted lotiering around them more than 3 times should i go up and say hi.

      lastly how to approach. i know i should go up but then like what to say. should i go and be direct and say " hi. can i have your number?" or should i go up and say hi then give some compliments then ask for number like "hi, i think you are cute, can we know each other?" or in the case of the HTMIG girl should i go up and say like "hi, are you gals from HTM?? can i get to know you??"


      Thanks for the advice bros and if possible please give tips too. I trying pickup on gals in poly and if got any tips for approaching JC girls that will be good. Age range ideally 16 to 21. Hope to hear from you all..

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    • I think pick up and talking to people in general is a Muscle. You need to work at it in stages. I do not know how advance are you, but do you have any trouble walking up to random strangers and talking to them? To be more specific, do you feel any anxiety when attempting to approach random strangers? If you do, you need to target that first, working at it in stages.

      Just like you never walk into the gym and expect to bench press 200 pounds for your first time, you can never expect success, asking for numbers when you do not have the courage to maybe ask for the time or directions.

      But if you do not feel anxiety, then the problem is a question of technique. 


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    • Quote from somebody else


      "Are you living in the east side? Because you make my heart go Bedok Bedok Bedok~"



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    • You must be one of a kind because I look all Dover Singapore but cannot find someone like you.

      I see you liao, my heart want to Expo~

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    • It may come off as creepy that you are making trips to these areas to look for specific girls who are occupied with studying or being with their friends. 

      Just talk to the girls you meet when you go about your daily stuff. If you have any hobbies you would meet girls there who share your interests. You'll find that women (and people in general) are a lot more approachable when you treat them like normal human beings like yourself.

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    • Maybe try talking to her friends and get to her more and then when you walk up to her at least you can strike up a conversation where the two of you share common interests. And best of luck to you! :) 


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    • I never did dare to go up to a girl to say hi~
      guess thats why im still single......

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    • I guess picking up girls is 50 50. Depend on the girl also. Some girl quite ok with giving number then some girl actually want to give but got friends there don't dare give. Normally just say "hi you look really ute attractive or blah blah" then proceed lor.

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    • Sing a song to her and tell her you interested in her. Be yourself, nervous, shaking it doesn't matter, just do it. Girl might find it cute and more sincere. Girls are more opened to sincere guy.

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    • Firstly try to have afew times eye contact, if the girl smiles at you proceed and talk to her. If the girl gives you a hostile or irritated look.. choose another target.

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