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Lunch Actually Dating Agency Review

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    • https://lunch-actually.pissedconsumer.com/lunch-actually-singapore-dating-agency-is-a-scam-20150312607179.html

      Please do NOT join Lunch Actually Dating Agency

      1) Lunch Actually (LA) claims to match you with someone 'holistically' and taking into account your "preferences". They claim that the only thing they do not guarantee is chemistry. It is NOT true. While most of the time, LA members are truthful abt their personal details, LA will LIE about it in order to 'create' a match. They can LIE abt anything just to push out a date. Eg, if you say you don't want to meet someone who drinks heavily, LA will LIE to you and cheat you into going on a date which they 'have painstakingly looked through and is a high match'. One date cost a few hundred dollars, and you end up meeting someone you will not even consider. Your date also ends up wasting his/her time as he/she had given truthful details to LA without knowing that LA had lied to you. Your preferences are not important to LA. Your money is.

      2) LA has more female than male members. Ladies can wait up to 8 months in between dates. Man gets one or two dates per month. Chances are, the female members will end up getting hitched by someone through their own social circle and forfeit the rest of their package (that means LA gets to keep the money). Although it seems like the man has a wider pool of selection, male members are likely to end up going on dates with people who are poorly matched.

      3) LA allows members to request for a full refund within 7 days after going on their first date. If you are not happy with your first date, you can get all your money back. So, you are likely to get someone decent on your first date. And GOOD LUCK for your subsequent dates. You first date may be someone you are looking for as LA may have matched him/her according to your criteria just to give you a false good impression. BUT you may not be matched according to your date's preferences. So you will still end up wasting a date because the other party is not interested in you.

      Some unlucky people (possibly those who appear nice and received decent/good feedback from their first few dates) will be unofficially 'selected' by LA (without their knowledge or consent of course) to be the first date or 'service recovery' date for other LA members. It means that whenever LA gets a new/difficult customer, they will pick this 'selected' candidate out to go on a date with their new/difficult members. If you are granted the 'honor' of being 'handpicked' by LA to do the 'job', you are likely to end up with dates with new members or angry people who have just complained abt LA. (since LA gets a lot of complains). To make things worse, if the LA member is someone LA knows that you will not be interested in, LA will either LIE to you about their particulars or keep you in the dark. Eg, Member A complains about LA or his/her previous bad date. LA will do service recovery by giving member A a free make up date. Then LA will go to their "nice members list" and pick member B to go on a date with member A. However, member A is a smoker and LA knows that there's no way member B will agree to go out with someone who smokes. So LA will either LIE to member B or keep member B in the dark. In other words, LA makes use of their members to help them make more money from other people.

      4) Whenever LA's lies were found out and exposed, they will either insist that it was the member who had given them the wrong information (which is not always true) or they will brush it off by offering a free make up date. There's no point taking up the make up date because the same problem will repeat.

      5) LA has 'highly trained' consultants with high turnover rate. The consultants seem to be ONLY trained to be polite, politically correct when communicating with their members and pushing members to sign up for their workshops. They are not genuine about helping their members get a good date. The matching is done using a computer system anyway. Members' details and/or preferences are manually tweaked or almost completely changed in order to increase the number of matches (drastically). Any Tom or Harry can be matched to Jane or Mary.

      LA charges higher prices than all other dating agencies in Singapore. Save your money and time. Do NOT join LA.

    • http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/eat-drink-man-woman-16/breaking-news-lunch-actually-response-hwz-warning-thread-not-join-them-5356719-8.html


      1. Lunch Actually is the most expensive dating agency in singapore.

      As at year 2014, they charge $2100 for 3 dates, $2300 for 5 dates and $2600 for 10 dates.

      2. Lunch Actually refuse to tell you their price when you call them to enquire.

      They give you all kinds of rubbish replies like our price package is dependant on the type of partner you are looking for, ask you go for the initial consultation than they will see which platform is more suitable for you.

      Anyone with abit of common sense knows this is nonsense.

      If you say the price package is dependant on the type of partner you look for, does it mean that if I look for a old & ugly partner it will be very cheap, if I look for a partner that is young & pretty than it will be very expensive?

      As for the platforms, basically they only have the expensive personalised matchmaking services or their esynrochology.

      Once you go down for their initial consultation they will hard sell you. If you say it is too expensive than they will hard sell you their esynrochology services.

      3. Lunch Actually package comes with free image workshop and coaching workshop.

      This is actually just part of their attempt to sell you more package and earn more money.

      When you go for the free image workshop the consultant will hard sell you the 6 hours personalised shopping trip at $888.

      If you say its too expensive she will hardsell you the $488 for 3 hours personalised shopping trip.

      During the personalised shopping trip, basically the image consultant meet you at somerset mrt station and than bring you to a few shops like Ben Sherman etc and tell you what type of clothes suits you.

      You do not need to pay such a expensive amount for this. You can go into Ben Sherman or any retail shop and the sales staff there can give you free advise on what type of clothes suits you.

      When you go for the free coaching workshop, she will try to hardsell you the coaching package at the most expensive of $3900.

      If you say its too expensive than she will slowly go down to the $2900, $1900 and than finally the $900 coaching package.

      If you sign up the $900 package, it just comes with a free online video for you to watch, than a 1 hour coaching session, a courage warmup session & a meaningful dinner.

      During the 1 hour coaching session, you will not have the opportunity to ask any questions because she will be busy trying to hardsell and pester you to upgrade your package to the most expensive of $3900 so she can hit her quota and earn more commission.

      The courage warmup session is basically useless & nonsense.

      The coach bring you to plaza singapore to approach the opposite gender on the streets to talk to them.

      Anyone with abit of common sense knows this is useless and a total waste of time.

      Meaningful dinner is not a speedating dinner. There is no rotation of seats.

      They say is for you to practise your communication skills by talking to the participants which is basically nonsense and a waste of time.

      The most expensive $3900 coaching package they basically just increase the number of useless meaingful dinner and courage warmup sesssions.

      They also say you are entitled to 1 year of unlimited coaching.
      Sounds like a very good deal, but in reality it is not.

      Lunch Actually opening hours is Monday to Saturday 10am to 7pm.

      Obviously on weekdays you need to work and you can’t book a appointment to go down.

      Their saturdays are always fully booked and you need to book in advance.

      You can roughly only get to book 1 saturday a month for a 1 hour session which basically means in 1 year, you book 12 sessions which total to 12 hours of coaching sessions for $3900.

      Now does this sound like a good deal?

      4. Lunch Actually Consultants are trained to give alot of excuses.

      If you say you have to wait very long for matches, they say it is because they are trying to find good matches for you.

      After the 1st date, you have up to 7 days which you can terminate your membership and get a refund.

      But it is definetly not a 100% refund!

      There will be a deduction of $550 for admin fees. If you have gone for the image workshop and/or coaching workshop there will be further deduction.

      I am not sure of the exact amount of deduction but it is pretty expensive.

      eg. You paid $2600 for 10 dates package. You decide to terminate after the 1st date.

      You get refund of $2600 – $550 admin fees - image workshop - coaching workshop, You get just around 1k plus in refunds.

      You are basically paying $550 for a 1 date with Lunch Actually!

      Now, a typical speedating event that comes with lunch or dinner cost around $50.

      You are better off spending your $550 to attend 10 speedating events that comes with free lunch or dinner, than to spend it on a 1 date with Lunch Actually!

    • http://www.yelu.sg/company/141397/lunch-actually-esynchrony/reviews

      25 February, 2015
      Do NOT join eSynchrony

      1) eSynchrony may seem like a cheaper option to Lunch Actually on the surface. But it is highly possible that you may end up paying just as much or even more per date. Unlike LA packages that goes by number of dates, eSynchrony packages goes by number of months. eSynchrony packages allows unlimited dates per month. The sad truth is, other than your first date, whatever subsequent matches you have approved will NOT be coordinated for you. Since you have paid a lower amount for eSynchrony as compared to Lunch Actually, the customer service level will be lower as well. eSynchrony has an even higher shortage of staff and almost all your queries and requests will not be attended to. LA consultants will still patronize you once in a blue moon though they do not give you any dates. eSynchrony consultants go Missing In Action. After both you and the other party have mutually approved the date (which can be done through clicking a button in the eSynchrony website), just like LA, the eSynchrony consultant is suppose to coordinate a time and book a restaurant for both of you to meet up. Since the consultant goes MIA, you will end up with multiple pending dates waiting for coordination in the system for months till your package expires. Eg, you buy a 4 month package but by the end of the 4th month, you only manage to go for 1 date (with 8 dates pending for coordination). Even though you are free to go on dates, you are not able to contact the consultant to arrange for the other 8 dates during the 4 months when your membership is still active. In the end, one eSynchrony date ends up being more expensive than one Lunch Actually date.

      2) Your eSynchrony profile and criteria will probably be tweaked or almost completely changed just like what will happen if you join LA. eSynchrony requires you to do a lengthy personality test where you will then be matched to other members using the computer system. You will be able to see the number of matches immediately after you finish the test. Initially, you will be able to find around 20 to 30 matches. After about 2 months, the number of matches will suddenly shoot up to 300 to 400 overnight. And strangely, you will notice that a lot of the matches are way off the criteria you had set earlier on. Eg, you had set the criteria that you are not open to someone who has been married, someone of a different race or someone much much older than you. You will somehow be matched to all these people overnight. Congratulations, you have got a wild card! You might as well join a free online dating website since eSynchrony works almost exactly like that.

      3) eSynchrony buffs up their membership number by retaining the expired members in their system and also people who did not pay for their membership. You are able to sign up an account under eSynchrony and do their personality test without paying. Once completed your profile will be in the system and you will be matched to other members. However, if you didn’t pay, you will not be able to go out on dates as you will not be able to view the profiles and your dates (they can view yours). Back to what was mentioned in point 2, you will find maybe like 20 to 30 matches after doing the personality test. Then you decided to pay for membership where you did the payment online. After paying up, you will get to view all the profiles. However, if you are unlucky, more than 70% of the matches either did not pay for membership or did not renew their membership (although their profile is still in the system). Some of the rest of the 30% may be inactive members and do not log in often. So in the end, you may be left with just 1 or 2 active members whom you are not interested in.

      4) eSynchrony calls up existing Lunch Actually members to join them. Possibly those under LA’s “nice or attractive members list”. If these “nice or attractive members” sign up with eSynchrony, most probably, they will end up having their profiles and/or criteria tweaked to match up with more people. If a LA existing member signs up under eSynchrony without ‘invitation’, most likely their profile/criteria will be left alone and remain the same.

      5) eSynchrony consultants can go MIA either from the beginning or midway. Most of the time, you will not be able to find any consultant. If you are lucky enough to get one, the consultant will try to arrange a date for you. After you have given her your free dates, the consultant goes missing. You will be left wondering if you should still keep your dates free or make alternative plans.

      If you join eSynchrony, either you will end up with no dates at all, or you will reluctantly approve dates you are not really interested in since you have already paid. The percentage of no shows for eSynchrony is also higher than for LA.

      Reply by Tay on 24 October, 2016
      I wish I had found this before falling victim to esynchrony scam. In my case, after signing up but before paying for membership, the site gave a false glimpse of what membership experience is like by sending seemingly good matches but of course you don't have a chance to get to know them unless you become a member. Once they trapped you, new matches also stopped being sent. The shortlisted matches from the initial list sent to me do not give an answer to my show of interest in meeting them (I suspect that they are either non-members or members that are no longer active). This is a really low and disgusting way to make a buck.


      Ok, So I'm sure mine isn't the first topic on this company / program and it certainly won't be the last.

      I probably will get flamed, and kicked in the groin but go easy on me please?

      I signed this up after a breakup last year, proably a bad idea but couldn't it then, this was in December.

      Sometime in Jan'16, I met someone amazing on my own and decided to "try and see how things work out".
      Happy to say things are working really well with my girl.

      Here, LunchActually plays a part.
      So I signed up their package, it was 3k+, yes yes bloody expensive and after I signed it, I just tried not to think about it.

      So one day they called, I just told them I found someone, well they appeared sincere enough to congratulate me.
      But I told them to freeze my account until further notice.

      So its been 6 months since I've been with my girl and things are pretty serious now. (I'm 31 no time to play play alrdy haha)

      Dropped an email to LunchActually. Told them I wish to terminate the account. Based on agreement, they would take $800 for admin fees.

      Well I found someone really special, not thru them but I was willing to not haggle over the $800.

      But it takes them 6 - 8 weeks to handle a refund.

      I don't know any other company that takes so long, but ok fine, maybe complex refund process.

      This was on 3rd of June.

      Fast forward to week beginning 27th June, 4 weeks, I did a follow up just to make sure no delays. They told me "Will follow up with you when the date gets closer", so at least I thought its already in motion.

      This is the 6th week, dropped them another email and they said estimated early August.

      Honestly I won't make a big fuss if it was a few hundred dollar refund, but we are talking 2.1k.
      And right now I'm in need of the funds.

      I have dropped 4 emails to the people in charge and have gotten no replies.
      I have dropped an email to the [email protected] and well no reply.

      I'm frustrated and am stuck because as a consumer I can't do anything.
      I feel like going to case but I'm wondering if there are others like me who suffered from poor services by them.

      But as a general warning to others.

      This company reeks. They are trying to sell Love and attach a big price tag to it.
      I agree, the CEO must be laughing to the bank coz he's doing people a "Service".

      You were warned.
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      Do mail order bride really exist?


      The answer is Yes, and No, it really depends on your definition of mail order brides.


      The historical roots of the mail-order bride industry that emerged in the 1800s in the American frontier:  European American men found financial success in the migration West, but the one thing that was missing was the company of a wife. Very few women lived there at this time, so it was hard for these men to settle down and start a family. They attempted to attract women living back East; the men wrote letters to churches and published personal advertisements in magazines and newspapers. In return, the women would write to the men and send them photographs of themselves. Courtship was conducted by letter, until a woman agreed to marry a man she had never met.[9] Many women wanted to escape their present way of living, gain financial security and see what life on the frontier could offer them. Most of these women were single, but some were widows, divorcees or runaways.


      During most of the 20 century,  the mail order bride continued  with the main method of women putting themselves in catalogs. Then men would view the women's profile, then for a fee order the women address. These became the main order bride companies business method in the 20 the century, with the fall of the Soviet union and cheap airfares,  these companies  spread from Asian to Eastern  Europe, mainly  now the Ukraine


      Today most women do not leave their countries to escape poverty but to seek a man they believe will be a good husband and  provider, that is family orientated and that looks at women with more respect than in many countries around the world.


      With the advent of the intent, the mail order bride industry boomed  into a billion dollar industry, Now with a few pictures and website, anyone could be in the mail order bride business.   With hundreds of ma and pop shops opening over the last two decade, Most who were clients of one of the three original mail order bride companies,  A Foreign Affair (AFA), Anastasia and EC,  The owner  of ForeignLadies.com  met his wife while working on  a tour  from loveme.com,  A Foreign affair  still today in the largest in the industry, each week they offer tours to one of a dozen countries  China to Peru and everywhere in between.  The industry  grew so fast in 1998, Senator Cantwell of Washington state  introduces legislation to regulate the mail order bride industry.  and a new law Called:  "International Marriage Brokers Act"  or IMBRA was born. With stiff regulations, many companies like Anastasia moved from Bride business to Fantasy Chat.



      Although the industry  strongly objects to the term mail order brides,  saying  there is no difference if   man  in New York courting a woman from California through match.com, then courting a woman from Russia. Critics  like the Terra Justice Center  has a different out look, saying these men take advantage of women oversea. But studies have contradicted these statement and show abuse is actually  lower in these marriages. See "International Marriages - A Report to Congress"


      So why do thousands of women join these site: Elena  Kosalova of the Ukraine says, "Men here are not serious about family,  they expect women to stay home while they go out each night with their  friends and drink. I want  a man who s serious, mature and who wants to be with his wife and family.  I have met Americans in the past and they seem more reliable and mature."  Elena rejects the idea  she is a "Mail Order Bride"


      Why do men seek  a mail order bride:  James Goodwin, 43 of South Carolina says, " I  meet women here all the time, but I just can not find the values I am looking for..  I have dated here for more than 20 years, After three days in Kiev, I was shock at how many beautiful women I met that I would consider marrying,  now I am just trying to reduce my options and pick the right one. It truly is the fastest way to find a beautiful sincere women.


      So what is the cost,  the cost can range greatly from site to site and from type of service,  AFA or loveme.com offers everything from letter writing, tours and executive services for the rich and famous. As little as $12 to as much as $25,000.  The owner John Adams say's the best way is just go over and meet then women, avoid letters and never waste money on expensive chat.  You can meet up to 1000 beautiful women in just 10 days, it will be the greatest vacation of your life. Joe Nail of ForeignLadies.com, has stayed with the traditional  Letter Writing, Each letter is $7.50 and  but say they do plan on offer some limited chat option.


      Many sites like,foreignwomen.com, PhilippineSinges.com, and  UkraineSsingles.com, that offer simple unlimited membership for $29 per month. These type of site also target pacific regions, like Asia, Latin America or Eastern Europe.


      There is  also a site for  mail order grooms; SingleMenOnline.com, that caters to men publishing their photos in hopes to meet an American Bride.


      James Dunn, who is a ghost writer for  review sites says "You  get what you pay for.  Membership sites to do not screen the members at all. so you never know who  you really are writing,  The big boys require the women to apply in person in one of their  local offices. The companies that offer group tours will introduce you to hundreds of beautiful  women, for the cost of $1000 to $3000 depending on location, about the same you would pay for any  vacation.  Several companies also do individual tours these can range from $750 to $1500, But only arrange one to one introductions,  Always make sure they are biased in the USA  or EU,  Most of the complaints  come from small agencies that are desperate and need to make as much as they can from you.  Just a note, if the company is based in an a foreign  country you will have no   recourse if they do not follow through.



      So do mail order  brides exist, If you belive a if a  woman  is a mail order bride if she lives in another   county then Yes, But if you believe it  just another dating option like any on-line dating site, matchmaker or  dating service, than No. . It really seems like a doubled standard in the world,  If a women meets a man in Italy or France,  then oh that is so romantic, but if a man meets a women in Philippines, than ...

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    • Lunch Actually is asia's premier, biggest and longest dating agency to exist

      They have help many people find their partner

      All these bad comments about LA are doen by their jealous competitors and those losers members who cannot find their partner so they are angry with wasting money so talk about LA

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    • Originally posted by FireIce:

      so which speed dating co u from?

      I am not from any speedating co

      I saw all this bad reviews about Lunch Actually online and will like to share it to warn others as I and a friend kana before

      My female friend is 40 years old and she sign up a 2months Esynrochology package. She did not know that Esynrochology does not match based on age and just match base on hobbies and life values so she end up having alot of matches but only 1 guy wanted to meet her. The rest of the matches the guys were younger than her so they did not want to meet her

      Esynrochology at that time have a condition which says that if you do not have any dates after the period end they will give you a refund but if you went for at least 1 date than there won't be any refund

      Thus she was not entitled to any refund. Totally waste money


      Than she receive a call from LA say that they are giving her free coaching session as she sign up for Esynrochology package. She went down to listen and got psycho to sign up a $3900 for 1 year unlimited coaching.


      She totally regret it as she did not get anything out of the coaching. Many of the things taught in the coaching session is common sense and can be learned through free youtube videos.

      I myself also almost kana.

      I sign up for a speedating event by LA so LA have my hp number. LA use the same method call me say got free coaching and I went for it

      Fortunately for me at that time I was in the process of changing job so I did not have the savings to pay for the 3.9k package so I refuse to sign up for it no matter what the coach says to me

      Of course, with all these warnings, if people still decide to join LA than its up to them


    • http://themiddleground.sg/2016/02/14/lunch-actually-is-just-lunch-actually/


      PREMIUM dating services have been all the rage of late, and the leading name in Singapore is Lunch Actually. But do they work? After suppressing my curiosity for longer than usual (i.e. seven minutes), I signed up to get an honest view of how it all works. Here’s what happens when you fork out a hefty 2.5 grand for a top dating service. And yes, it’s my own money.

      The problem with dating a writer is that we can always imagine better relationships. In my case it’s not particularly hard – my friends have been known to describe my dates as “at least that one didn’t have a criminal record.” Also, the places where I meet women tend to involve copious amounts of alcohol, so my judgment at the time is comparable to something from a Channel 8 courtroom drama.

      That’s when, while browsing the net, I came across Lunch Actually.

      Their website said it was an alternative to those tired of the pub and club scene, which yes, I was. I was tired of it 15 years ago, when doing the Macarena wasn’t considered a mental disability. It also said the service was for people “not at ease” with meeting people online, an experience which the few survivors of a Tinder date can attest to. (Read more about another TMG writer’s experience on Tinder here.)

      So I figured what the heck, I’ll check out this premium dating service (with all relevant costs), so you guys know what you’d be getting into.

      Joining Lunch Actually

      Less than an hour after registering on the website, I got a phone call inviting me down to the Lunch Actually office for a chat. Their office is in Park Mall (that furniture place across from Dhoby Ghaut), and I have to admit it gives off a professional vibe – this isn’t some matchmaking service with a Feng Shui waterfall in a corner and an album of mail order brides.

      A consultant attends to you, and the first thing I notice is that they’re all women. When I ask why, I’m told Lunch Actually has tried male consultants, but men aren’t comfortable explaining their dating preferences to other men.

      Which is bizarre, because most single men do nothing but explain their dating preferences to their guy friends until the third beer. It also throws me off because, as a rule, I don’t take dating advice from women*.

      Over the course of a 20-minute conversation, the consultant interrogates you as to your dating preferences. Does ethnicity matter to you? Must your partner be older or younger? What profession? Shorter or taller? What hobbies should they have, and how much does it matter to you?

      After about the 10th question I realised I didn’t know the answers myself. This brought to light one of the key differences between paid dating services, and regular dating:

      For most of us, the criteria is as simple as “that person looks cute, I’m going to talk to them.” A paid dating service seems catered to people who want a specific kind of partner – right down to a personality type and profession.

      I’m going to go out on a limb, and say that for people who date the regular way, this will never not be disturbing. It felt like I was giving a product description.

      Once you’re done explaining your ideal date, you get a caveat – there are no guarantees that you will find exactly what you’re looking for, it’s better if you’re open-minded, etc. When I asked the consultant if people were picky, she told me some could get very exacting; to the point where matches were almost impossible.

      At the end of that, you get offered a series of packages, which include a dating workshop, an image consultation session, and a number of arranged dates. The mid-range package, which is around $2,500 (ouch), gets you on five pre-arranged dates.

      There’s also an option to freeze the service for a certain duration. So if you hit it off on your second date, you can suspend the service and see how things work out, before going on the other three.

      The last part of it is a screening process, where your various certificates and income are checked. It’s more thorough than some job interviews I’ve had, so forget about faking your background.

      (*No, I’m don’t hate women. I don’t take dating advice from women because most are inclined to be polite rather than frank.)

      The free image consultation session

      This was more of a sales pitch than anything. I was offered the session about two weeks after signing up – you go down to the office, where a consultant gives you a basic run down on fashion tips. This is done one-on-one.

      You’ll learn nothing you can’t grab off the Internet (but hey, it’s a free session). The consultant was charming and professional. But matching warm and cool colours, or knowing that the bottom shouldn’t be lighter than the top, were not eye openers for me.

      I got the feeling that the main point wasn’t to turn you into a rock star. It was more to ensure members wouldn’t turn up at dates looking like they had a rough day at the fish market. That happens to be something I appreciate; if you forget to wear proper shoes to a restaurant, I’ll forget to bring my interest. But if you think this is going to be a custom image consultation session… nope, it’s just a pitch to sell you that.

      The consultant had further packages that would be tailored to my appearance. But that would have cost more (I spied four digit figures), so I settled for looking like an unshaved barbarian and hoping my personality makes up for it.

      The only thing that ticked me off about this is that it’s marketed as “free image consultation” on the package. That’s technically true; I wasn’t charged anything for the Buzzfeed worthy fashion tips. But I hate it when sales pitches are disguised as freebies like this; only creepy Multi-Level Marketing types do that.

      The dating workshop

      There are some instructional videos to prep you for the workshop. And the workshop covers the critical issues like body language, how to hold a conversation, how to handle the “who pays” bit at the end, etc.

      For the socially awkward, maybe this gives them a half decent shot. If you’re the sort who runs out of things to say, or forgets to get contact numbers for a follow-up date, you could use this. For the rest of us, a lot of this is actually common sense – and becoming conscious of it makes it harder, not easier.

      Take the body language thing, for example. If you’re conscious of maintaining eye contact, keeping your posture straight, not fidgeting, etc. I’m willing to bet you’re not concentrating on what you’re saying. Your date also becomes exhausting. During the arranged dates I simply disregarded the body language lessons and acted like I do on normal dates, because all it was doing was getting in the way.

      When it came to issues of holding a conversation, the main advice was to talk about passions. Not about trivial stuff (movies, the weather, etc.) Fair enough. But what it doesn’t address enough is how to escalate from “talk” to “indicating sexual interest”, which is the real problem most shy people have.

      My own conclusion is that the workshop’s helpful to the shy ones. But most guys and girls will be doing a lot of what’s suggested on an instinctive level.

      The dates

      The dates are arranged for you, and you get texted and emailed when a match is found. Lunch Actually makes the reservations at a restaurant, and you get some details on who you’re dating.

      There’s a compatibility system that matches you, but I can’t endorse it. Not because it doesn’t work – but because intense connections don’t truly stem from things like looks, profession, shared interests, etc. Some of the best relationships I’ve had (and I’m sure you’ve had) are with people from totally unrelated backgrounds.

      Of the people I met through the service (they range from engineers to school teachers), I’d never complain about any of them. And Lunch Actually’s biggest credit is that, unlike Tinder dates, I never met a single person that made me move the sharp cutlery away from her. Chalk that up to the thorough screening process.

      Most of the dates though, were shy and quiet. There’s a certain romance that’s missing in the process – maybe it’s too many romantic comedies, but I’ve always felt people want to unexpectedly bump into the one who sweeps them off their feet.

      Most men and women fantasise about meeting “the right one” when they share an elevator with the right person, bring out an umbrella for someone caught in the rain, etc. “Your mum and I met on a pre-arranged date” just isn’t an awesome romantic story for the kids.

      And the awareness of the artificial, pre-arranged nature of the date is an invisible third wheel. It’s sitting right there at the table with both of you, making things awkward. The end result tends to be a pleasant meeting, but without any sparks.

      Turns out, for most of my dates, Lunch Actually was just… lunch, actually.

      Is it worth it?

      If you’re the sort who suffers approach anxiety (i.e. you cannot go up to a stranger and say “hi, what’s up?” without a mental breakdown) then this service is very helpful. Expensive, but helpful. At the very least, those pre-arranged dates are a powerful start to fixing your shyness.

      But for those who are hanging around bars and clubs and meeting each other, I wouldn’t consider it an alternative. Because we’re used to doing it the old-fashioned way, pre-arranged dates – especially ones that you both know you paid for – feel stifled and uncomfortable.

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    • A friend joined LA before. He gave alot of negative feedback as the matches were no good and yet LA send him this email today

      wow $999 for unlimited 1 year package with minimum 3 guaranteed dates that is $333 per match icon_rolleyes.gif

      Alot of people are going to sign up, thinking that LA might give them 50 to 100 matches in a year

      End up LA might just give you 3 matches, saying that your criteas are too stringent so they can only give you 3 matches and they never do anything wrong as they fuflfiled the contract which states that minimum is 3 dates icon_lol.gif

      Really is a damn smart way to earn money and you cannot sue them because they did fulfil the contract agreements icon_lol.gif


      Title of email "We know you have given us your support, so let us gift you with this!

      Dear ___________________________________

      We feel privileged to have guided you on your love journey. If you haven't met that special someone yet, don't fret! By speaking to our dating consultants after every date you go on, and providing your honest, unadulterated feedback, you're helping us to refine the search even further. This means that the dates that you go on will just keep getting better.

      But whilst we've got you here today, we'd also like to let you know that we would like to extend a special offer to you, to thank you for being so supportive thus far! If you'd like to renew your membership with us, you'll get to enjoy an unlimited 1 year package with minimum 3 guaranteed dates at SGD999.

      This is only valid for sign-ups in December 2016, and we have limited slots available. Simply click here to indicate your interest, and we'll reach out to share more details with you!

      Best regards,
      Lunch Actually. "
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    • Lunch Actually business very bad nowadays icon_lol.gif


      Angry lunch Actually non-stop calling... Can report for DNC violation?

      every week sure got calls... think its because use lunchclick app last time

      i block their number... about 3 so far... but they will juz call with another office number or use handphone numbers to call


      Lunch Actually reply also very lame and bs icon_lol.gif

      Anonymous Nov 20 #1243186

      Be careful of the methods that Lunch Actually uses to make money
      - When you join their events, sign up a free account at LunchClick or Esynrochology, Lunch Actually will have your number number. They will than call you ask you to go down for their free consultation to make you sign up their expensive package
      - Lunch Actually will email or call you say got free coaching. When you go down for the free coaching, Lunch Actually will than try to pester you to sign up for their expensive coaching package
      In short - avoid anything to do with Lunch Actually (do not even join their events) so that you do not fall victim to this scam

      0 0 Reply

      Anonymous Nov 14 #1240752

      Currently dating a guy which LA had matched up. Just found out that he smokes. I am pretty sure that I had put I did not want smokers in LA questionaire. Now am in a dilemma.

      0 0 Reply

      LunchActually1 to Anonymous Apr 08 #1141340

      Dear concerned party,
      We have met up with the people in this matter and comprehensively proven to them that their allegations against us are untrue. 
      We have even offered them a refund but they have insisted to continue using our services and go out on the matches and dates that we arrange for them. The fact that they continued to use our service further disproves the allegations of bad matches and service they have accused us of.
      The writer on this article has requested for this complaint to be taken down from this site (please see below) many times and has even written to the sites admin to do so. However this site has yet to respond to any of the requests so far.
      Do feel free to contact us at [email protected] should you need any further clarifications. Thank you!

      0 5 Reply

      Anonymous to LunchActually1 Nov 27 #1246665 Singapore, Singapore, Singapore

      Why should this complain be removed even if the case is really resolved?
      Its like a criminal asking police to remove the criminal record because he has served finish his prison sentence

      0 0 Reply

      Anonymous to Anonymous Apr 12 #1143322

      Dear concerned party,
      We have met up with the people in this matter and comprehensively proven to them that their allegations against us are untrue.
      We have even offered them a refund but they have insisted to continue using our services and go out on the matches and dates that we arrange for them. The fact that they continued to use our service further disproves the allegations of bad matches and service they have accused us of.
      The writer on this article has requested for this complaint to be taken down from this site (please see below) many times and has even written to the sites admin to do so. However this site has yet to respond to any of the requests so far.
      Do feel free to contact us at [email protected] should you need any further clarifications. Thank you!

      2 2 Reply

      Anonymous to Anonymous Nov 12 #1239615

      Lunch Actually reply sounds very lame and bs
      Never mention about how they prove the allegations are untrue and which allegations are untrue and which allegations are true.
      Lol at offering refund but they want to continue to use our services. You think we are 3 years old kid to believe these rubbish that you say

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    • How about close down and setup love scam actually icon_lol.gif




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    • Sometimes I wonder why humans are so funny

      With so many dating apps and speedating events around which are so much cheaper, they decide to join Lunch Actually expensive 3k dates package dreaming that they will find their handsome rich prince or a beautiful princess icon_lol.gif

      In reality, handsome rich princes and beautiful princess are all attach or marry already, those who join Lunch Actually are guys and girls who lack communication skills, too fussy and high standards so cannot find a partner, average looking guys and girls etc icon_lol.gif

      So when all these people join LA, they complain when they realise they pay so much money and yet do not meet handsome rich prince or beautiful princess icon_lol.gif

      And than LA further scam them saying you maybe low income or ugly, but if you pay 3.9k to join our coaching package, we will teach you how to talk well, dress well etc so that the opposite gender will not mind that you are low income or ugly and still accept you icon_lol.gif

      End up you become poorer and still single icon_lol.gif

      When I had a divorce 3 years ago, I almost join LA. Heng I never join and decide straight to buy a vietnam wife to marry which cost $6000 only

      If I join LA, I will have paid 2.6k for the dating package + $3.9k for coaching + $888 for shopping trip = $7388 with no guarantee that I can find my partner icon_lol.gif

      Edited by hormat 18 Dec `16, 3:12AM
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    • anyone been to such agencies and matched with insurance agents, real estate agents, MLM ?
      they are not there to find partners, they are there to network and find business


      they are kind spoiling the market as they are not sincere and just wasting the match's time or just wanna make use of the match

      then ppl say tt these agencies are not effective blah blah blah

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    • Originally posted by FireIce:

      anyone been to such agencies and matched with insurance agents, real estate agents, MLM ?
      they are not there to find partners, they are there to network and find business


      they are kind spoiling the market as they are not sincere and just wasting the match's time or just wanna make use of the match

      then ppl say tt these agencies are not effective blah blah blah

      So you are single too? icon_lol.gif

      For those expensive 1 to 1 matches which they call it personalised matchmaking services, unlikely to find insurance agentsm real estate agents, MLM etc but it is highly likely that if they think you cannot be their partner than they try to ask you to buy from them to earn your money icon_lol.gif

      For speedating events and dating apps, there are alot of these people MLM etc who are there to find a partner and also find more business. They call it kill 2 birds with a stone icon_lol.gif

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    • Andrew here. I'm a Dating Coach for men. Just to share,we do have a number of clients who have been to Dating Agencies, Speed Dating events and other similar match-making schemes. Personally, I have attended such events covertly to gain an understanding myself.

      My personal opinion (for the guys):

      I believe these bodies started out with noble intentions. They had to, for the business to grow to what it is today. But like any other businesses, commercialization takes over eventually.It's more than the numbers (revenue) holding hands, rather than people holding hands.

      The intentions for the candidates are very clear - to find a partner, possibly a soulmate. However, most feel like they're buying a very expensive lottery ticket with no gurantee of winning. (this is a subconscious stress on the process)

      Understand this-

      Conventional Dating Agencies, Dating Events or Dating Apps serve ONLY as a PLATFORM to meet potential partners, and this is further more constrained by a LIMITED pool of candidates, no matter how large the database is.

      In an alternate scenario, when you do meet that person of interest, would you screw it up?

      I believe Men, and even women, should tackle these issues with hard social skills instead and meet people out there - WITHOUT the stress of expecting an ROI from a potential partner in a process that's supposed to be organic and sponaneous.

      I mean, the world is your playground.

      Hope this helps.





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    • Lunch Actually once again uses its age old stragety of giving free membership to bloggers to write good reviews about LA in order to cover up all the bad reviews about them

      Unfortunately, Wei Ting Tan and Tan Ling exposed their methods. Heads up and credit to them



      Wei Ting Tan

      All the bad comments on LA can be found here


      Note that on 13 December 2016 there were suddenly 3 different comments with 3 different names saying good reviews on LA posted there.

      Doesn't take a genius to know that it is probably written by the same person related to LA

      With so many bad comments about LA, join at your own risk and remember that if the matches are no good, there are no ways you can cancel to get a refund. You can only go to small claims court to lodge a case but it will be very troublesome and even if you win the case you will not get a full refund

      Google lunch actually review and you will only see bad comments and good comments written by bloggers who got free membership for LA in order to write good comments about LA

      After being in business for 12 years, LA don't even have any proper good reviews on them online

      $2600 for 10 dates package + $888 for shopping trip + $3900 for coaching = $7388.

      What makes you think we are single, rich and stupid to join Lunch Actually?

      I think it's important for word to get out about LA's methods.

      It's almost like preying on singles who are already down on their love lives, to further lose whatever money they have left. End up no love and no money. Can't imagine poverty will make them any more desirable.

      Before you go spend money on lunch actually, try to look for urself in social media. Spending money will be de last resort to do.

      But to be honest la, sg girl quite realistic. No car dun wan go out w u. No minimum 6k dun wan go out w u. Out of 10 gals only 3 gals is down to earth.

      Lunch Actually are all out there to earn money with no quality to talk about. Even some big agency only market their service with "yes" to all the questions but after you join, a different thing emerge.

      For example, they use "we need to carefully select the prospective partner. Thus, it takes approx 5 months for us to find a match". In reality, they don't really care about the selection criteria and would look for one when the 5th month is near. Between first to fourth month, they would use their time to organise other events instead. They would also say they got some proprietary computer program to find your match but in reality, it is simply manual matching.

      1. Does your organisation give assurance that your service can achieve its intended result or prevent or reduce , undesired effects?

      2. How does your organisation determine the knowledge necessary to achieve conformity of your services ?

      3. How does your organisation determining the requirements for your services ?

      4. Are your organisation able to fulfil and understand the customer requirements ?

      5. Do your organisation from time to time review the customer requirement to achieve it service as promise?

      6. Have your organisation establishing any specific requirement for contingency actions, when relevant?

      7. Do your organisation able to meet the claims for your services that it offers?

      8. How does your organisation exercise care in protecting customer's information that provided for use?


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    • LA's activites and advertisements are all over the internet

      Surf some relationship forums or what also can suddenly see their advertisement pop out from nowhere

      Still need to stalk meh? icon_rolleyes.gif



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